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Anjum Hassen Bespoke Suits

A bespoke suit business in Colombo.

First off, I don’t know much about suits. Whenever I’ve gotten one, it’s always been from a retail store. It’s always too big and never really suited my body type. This is exactly why a bespoke suit seemed like the way to go.

Anjum Hassen is a Raffles design graduate who has started her own bespoke suit service, last year. As I had been following her on Instagram, I decided to reach out and inquire about how I might get myself a slick suit.

I don’t wear suits too often, and I’ve already gotten a charcoal suit for the more formal occasions, so I wanted something that screamed “Imaad”. So, I asked her if she could do that.


She invited me over to her office for the consultation. This was a seamless process, as she very simply took me through each aspect of the suit. From the colour, the fabric, the cuts, she helped me understand what I wanted out of it. I said I wanted something between Willy Wonka and The Joker, except less loud and more refined.

If you have any doubts about what you really want, it’s best to clear them out at the get-go. You can ask her if certain colours would suit you or not. While some things can be changed after the first fit-on, you can’t change things like the colour! (Well, maybe you could, but it would probably cost you!)

The next step is to take measurements. Here, she asked if I wanted my sleeves tight or a little loose. This was helpful because, even with shirts, I find it so hard to find anything that makes my flimsy arms look good.


A week later, I went to her for the first fit-on of the unfinished suit. This is the point at which you get to check out the fit. Adjustments will be made based on your feedback and how it looks on you.

In my case, it was near-perfect! I was super impressed that I could actually look presentable in a suit, albeit unfinished. We decided it was best to make one or two small alterations.

A week later, it was time for the final fit-on with the finished suit. It looked so dapper. We put the 007 theme on and started taking pictures. The cut was tight and clean. It fit snug on my shoulders, my arms looked great, and I just felt amazing.

Features & Faux Pas

So, Anjum clued me in on some smart little features that came with my suit. The pockets on the jacket can be worn with the flap inside or out. This was a total godayata magic moment for me.

She also taught me that I’m supposed to wear only the top button, despite there being two. I personally don’t understand the logic here, but that’s just the way it is. When you sit down, you’ve got to unbutton. Oh, and make sure your shirt sleeve is visible at your wrist. You’ll notice all these little details in the video.

I also never knew how to really put on a suit, and she was kind enough to show me how to do it. Basically, it’s always helpful to have someone put your jacket on. (Or just get a butler!)


Bespoke is the way to go, whether or not you have an odd body type. It just makes so much sense and now there are quite a few services available and Anjum Hassen Bespoke is one I would recommend.

She also does shirts! So be sure to get yourself a custom shirt to go with your new look. I didn’t think of that, but now I’m wishing I did. I’m probably going to go back to her for that!

P.S. If you want to get into the nerdy nitty-gritty, Bhagya’s jotted down a very informative guide on everything you need to know about getting a suit.

According to Anjum, a full suit and tie retails for about Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 45,000. Pants depend on the fabric and style, but are generally Rs. 3,000 upwards.

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