Aroma Restaurant

865, Negombo Road, Colombo

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Aroma Restaurant is one of the most popular dining spots in Wattala that offers good food for a decent price tag.

Situated right by the main road, Aroma Restaurant is hard to miss. They serve an array of food from burgers and submarines to dolphin kottu and dosas and from what we learnt, have gained popularity from their consistency in taste and service.

The Food

The Mix Cheese Kottu (Rs. 780) was simply relishing. Coming in a large bowl, a portion that can easily serve around 2-3 people, the pieces of roti were cut in a squarish shape and were considerably bigger than the usual size.

It was soaked in a milky concoction (which we are not prepared to call cheese just yet) which had been absorbed by the pieces of roti giving it a very gooey texture which we loved. If you're a fan of dry kottu (who are you?!) this might not be your favourite option.

We found chunks of chicken, well prepared, in between the roti, but apart from that there wasn't much meat that contributed to the "mixed" part of the dish, but yet, the kottu was extremely satisfying. 

The Singapore Sea Food Rice (Rs. 690) was a notch below, in comparison to the stunning kottu. Although it did consist of a considerable amount of prawns and thin slices of cuttlefish, the rice in itself was slightly dry. The fresh vegetables thrown into the fray did improve the taste slightly, but overall, it did not scream out the fact that it was quintessential comfort food, as it should be. 

The Chicken Biriyani (Rs. 400), although it had a comforting taste to it, felt like it had a slightly artificial flavour. The basmati rice they had used was ideal and the preparation of the rice had made it come out as fluffy and not too dry or moist.

The roast chicken was succulent and juicy, soft on the inside and was a perfect accompaniment to the biriyani. We did feel like many spices had been opted out, which left a slight void in the biriyani, which is usually flavoured with quite an array of spices. 

*Pictured above - Lime Juice (left), Pineapple Juice (middle) and Lime Mint Cooler (right)

The Lime Juice (Rs. 150) was the perfect drink for a warm day, and it was not short of flavour and the infusion of pulp into the juice was heavenly. There isn't much that can go wrong with the lime juice, and the level of sweetness was ideal as well.

The Lime Mint Cooler (Rs. 180) was the lime juice with a twist and this innovative twist made it so much better. With a tinge of mint thrown into the fray, the entire juice was that much more refreshing as you downed it down, and also consisted of a very pleasant aroma.

The Pineapple Juice (Rs. 220)was not as thick as expected, but it tasted quite fresh and had that perfect flavour infused into the juice.

Service and Ambience

The restaurant consists of two sections and the first of the two, the outdoor section, is quite huge and surrounded with blinds. It's a pleasant place to have a quick meal with the breeze blowing in, and would be ideal at night. They also have a place indoors which is air-conditioned and quite comfortable as well.

The staff were friendly and accommodating, and the food too was quick, arriving at the table after around 20 minutes after placing the order. 


Aroma Family Restaurant is an ideal and convenient place to grab a meal or catch up with a friend, and it is worth the money as well.