Arthur's Pizza Express

No 185/7, Havelock Road, Colombo 5.

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Thin crust fusion pizza to satisfy the Sri Lankan tastebuds.

Known for their fusion-ised take on pizza, Arthur's has been around for over 5 years now. With three branches in Colombo and growing (hopefully), they're the ones who introduced the whole "nai miris twist" to the pizzas. 
Here's our recent experience at their Havelock Town outlet.


The semi-indoor seating arrangement has improved, in comparison to what we observed during our previous review. There's more space on the right now, behind that wall. However, it tends to get crowded during weekends, especially with the socially distanced dining setup. Hence, we decided to switch our order to takeaway. 

The Pizzas 

Our order was comprised of two pizzas, that carried four toppings.

Here we have the Mutton Amu Miris (Rs. 2000, Rs. 1000 for half) and Chicken Hellfire (Rs. 1600, Rs. 800 for half). 

The main issue that we experienced during our previous visit was the lack of toppings, but this time around, every slice was well-loaded. Featuring an assortment of mutton, green chillies, tomato, onions and capsicum, embedded on a carpet of mozzarella, the Mutton Amu Miris delivered the promised elements.

However, while they tasted good on their own, the flavours they contributed didn't quite blend well together. Also, the crust was a tad doughy for our liking, which sort of overpowered the flavours of the toppings. 
Now, this is a pizza that truly lives up to its name - the Chicken Hellfire. The warning sign drawn with chilli powder is enough testament to how spicy it is. Packed with a generous slathering of Arthur's signature nai miris sauce, bits of nai miris, capsicum, button mushroom, chicken, pineapple and onions, handling this heat is no easy task. 

A lot of us despise pineapple on pizza (but not me), but trust us on this, you're going to be so thankful for having it here. Contributing a swirl of sweetness and a tang, it helps to take that heat down a notch.
This pizza includes two of their veg-friendly pizzas - Paneer Masala (Rs. 1600, Rs. 800 for half) and Cheese Hatharak (Rs. 1850, Rs. 925 for half). 

The Paneer Masala half had the same problem we noticed on the Mutton Amu Miris half. While it was rich with paneer, button mushroom, bell pepper, onions and mozzarella, they didn't mingle together to create a strong flavour profile. Plus, we couldn't detect the masala hint on paneer.

Cheese Hatharak is Arthur's take on Quattro Formaggi, which involves swiss cheese, parmesan, paneer and mozzarella. It surely could use a bit more parmesan to strengthen its overall taste. 


The service has improved a lot as well. They were friendly and happy to serve us.


It's better than before, but still has room for improvement. If you love spicy pizzas as much as we do, we highly suggest getting the Chicken Hellfire.


Try the CBP! They don't serve alcohol in this outlet.


No 185/7, Havelock Road, Colombo 5.


It's right before the OM Space.


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