Arthur's Pizza

220, Galle Road, Mount Lavinia

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Arthur's pizza is now a pub, too. They do their own take on localised pizza.

Arthur's Pizza is now a pub, too. They do their own take on pizza, with thin crusts and a few interesting toppings. We've heard good things about their chocolate biscuit pudding, so we decided to try that this time. We dropped in for drinks, bites and some pizza. It's one of the few places in Mt Lavinia dedicated to pizza, and being a resident of the area and an occasional beba, I'm quite happy that it exists. 


With an extension of Lion Pub's liquor license, Arthur's is now able to serve booze by the bottle. You can get a bottle of Jacob's Creek for Rs. 2500 or a glass for around Rs. 300 which is quite fair. We decided to try out their cocktails, starting with the Long Island Iced Tea (Rs. 900). 

It was hella boozy but just smooth enough to not knock me off my seat. I like that they use Pepsi and not Coca Cola, but that's just personal preference. Well worth the price.

The lime and mint mojito (Rs. 550) was ice cool and not too sweet, but could have done with more of that mint flavour. Still, there's a generous amount of booze in there, so it ought to make you happy.


One of the advantages of the Lion Pub being next door is that you can order some of bites from the neighbour's menu. We decided to grab the Hot Butter Cuttlefish (Rs. 590) and it was superb. It's on the salty side, but has a really good crunch to it. There's also Pepper Pork (Rs. 570) and Devilled Chicken (Rs. 530) from Lion Pub.

Starters from Arthur's include Mozarella Salad, Greek Salad and Garlic Roast Paan. We tried the Greek Salad (Rs. 380) and it was just so-so. There's a lot of cucumber, making up for most of the dish, so we wouldn't recommend unless you're in love with the vegetable. On the plus side, there's plenty olives and a fair bit of feta.

The best of the lot, though, was the pizza. Well, one half of the pizza. Arthur's don't make any claims to authenticity, and I like that they feel comfortable making their own renditions of pizza. We went half-half with their Cheese Hatharak (swiss, feta, paneer, mozarella at Rs. 600) and Bacon Biththara (Rs. 650). The quattro formaggi (four cheese) pizza won't blow your mind, mostly because it doesn't use high quality products, but there's a generous amount of cheese on there. They're generally priced between Rs. 900 to Rs. 1250. 

The bacon and egg, though, is an absolute treat. Arthur's make a pretty thin crust, but they use an industrial oven, so their bread isn't what you'd be served from a wood-fired oven. Still, there's a lovely snap to it when you fold it, and it holds well. The slice pictured above had its egg just runny enough to complement the bacon's fattyness really well. This tastes like breakfast. We recommend!

Though the Chicken Nai Miris (Rs. 990) pizza is their signature, we're still not completely sold on it. While the chicken is really flavourful and not burnt out, retaining a lot of juiciness, there's just not enough of it. We'd also love to have some more spiciness to this. We're expecting Firestarter level heat, but only get a few bites of spice with the bits of nai miris on this pizza. Still, as is, it's quite flavourful and we've heard that regulars at Lion Pub order this for bites.

Last, but not least, we had the Chocolate Biscuit Pudding. With just two layers of biscuit, this is more ganache than anything else. There's peanuts on top and some chocolate flakes that make for beautiful presentation. We love that it's not too sweet, and super chocolatey. At Rs. 270 it's quite a treat. Here's a chocolate biscuit pudding that will put your aunties to shame.

Ambiance & Service

They've gotten rid of the crimson walls, in favour of black chalkboard, with the menu scribbled across both sides. The lighting is now focussed on each table, so it's got an intimate but edgy feel with the low light and the blue light at the bar. The music is pumping electronic, but it's at a low volume, so you're able to have a conversation. 

We like what they've done to the place, but unless there's a crowd there, it can feel a little dull, so do go in groups if you want to try it out. They've got good deals on booze with pizza. The staff aren't intrusive at all, and will mostly let you be until you get their attention. They speak a bit of English, just enough to serve you, so that's cool.


Arthur's has definitely improved since the last time we visited, and it's mostly thanks to its move into the pub scene. Mt Lavinia definitely does need more places to grab a drink and a bite, and it's indoors so you can escape the rain too. Their pizza is not for the connoisseur but for those who like to try something different. We recommend the Bacon Biththara and the Long Island Iced Tea. They're open from 5PM to 11PM.


Bliss out on that chocolate biscuit pudding.
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Their pizza is not for the connoisseur but for those who like to try something different.

Another day another new pizzeria it would seem. Arthur's pizza is a modest new pizzeria in Mt.Lavinia next to the Lion Pub. They're not the most authentic but the food is still comforting.

ටොප් ඈ.. කරි රහ ටොප් එකට තියෙන්න හදාපු මට්න් එකකින් පොඩි පොඩි කෑලි තොගයක් එක්ක, හීනියට ඉරලා දාපු ස්පයිස්ඩ් චිකනුයි, හීනියටම කපපු බේකනුයි.. ෂප්පේ.. නයිමිරිස් සෝස් එකත් එක්ක යනවා, රස නහර පිස්සු වට්ටගෙන.

“හානේ.. හරිම ලස්සනයි. අර අර, මං ආසම ගඩොල් බිත්තිත් තියනව. මේ..හ් මෙතන කොක්ටේලුත් තියෙනවද…?” “ඔව් ඔව්. කොක්ටේල් විතරක් නෙවෙයි, ඕන ජාතියක් තියෙනව. ඔක්කොටම කලින් අපි වාඩි වෙලා ඉමුකො”

ලාබෙට තින් ක්‍රස්ට් පීසා එකක් කාලා, පොඩි ඩ්‍රින්ක් එකක් ගන්න ගමන් රිලැක්ස් එකේ හවස් වරුවක් ගෙවන්න ආතර්ස් පීසා එක මරු.


220, Galle Road, Mount Lavinia


Coming down Galle Rd, past the Mt.Lavinia Cemetery, Arthur's Pizza is right next to the Lion Pub (oppsite Family Super).


Open 5.00 pm - 11.00 pm (11.00 am - 11.00 pm on Sundays)

Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

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