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Artisan Diletto

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Artisan Diletto is a home-based venture that does one of the BEST CBPs in the city.

With this review of Artisan Diletto, we're going to share the happiness of finding some great chocolate biscuit puddings in the city.
Colombo is blessed with many CBPs. Most of them are mediocre, but a few come close to the mark of perfection. But Artisan Diletto, knock the ball out of the park. In fact, this is the best CBP we've had after BOND's Dutch Delicacies. And right now, we find it hard to choose between the two. 
Based in Battaramulla, this home-based venture's sole focus is on CBP. They're available for delivery through PickMe Food. 

The CBPs

*Pictured above: Mocha (left), Mint Chocolate (middle), Classic (right)

Right now, Artisan Diletto has three flavours of CBP - Classic (Rs. 600), Mocha (Rs. 650) and Mint Chocolate (Rs. 650). We tried all three of them.

This is the Classic Chocolate Biscuit Pudding. It's simply layers and layers of absolutely rich, glossy, nutty chocolate and perfectly milk-soaked Marie biscuits.

Silky smooth, gooey, and luxuriously creamy, the chocolate layers were so incredibly bold in flavour. No overwhelming sugary notes, just pure, luscious chocolate. From what we gathered, they use refined sugar, and a very little amount of it. 

The bits of cashew nuts were an added delight to munch on. We found them not only on the surface but also amongst the Marie biscuit layers. That and the chocolate chips further enhanced the texture and taste. 
Sharing the same excellent texture, the Mocha CBP is a happy medium between chocolate and coffee. The coffee kicks had a wonderful way of emerging through the decadent layers of chocolate. It doesn't overpower the chocolate but perfectly complements it. 

I despise the Mint & Chocolate combo. I've always disliked it, but I had no choice but to order Artisan Diletto's Mint Chocolate. It's work, you know!

Oh, man! Never in a million years did I think that I'd enjoy anything with mint and chocolate. Artisan Diletto had nailed this flavour balance. The chocolate flavour was strong, while the mint provided a lovely, refreshing undertone in every spoonful.

So instead of throwing shade, like I usually do, I went for the second servings, third, fourth, and in the end, the entire jar. 


If you're looking for CBPs that score every single point, from flavour to texture, Artisan Diletto is one solid choice at that. Try them out, right now! 

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