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Ashi's Catering

121/3, P.S.Perera Mawatha, Mampe Piliyandala

A new catering service offering flavourful, homemade rice & curry.

Ashi’s Catering is a new catering service to get your daily dose of rice and curry during lunch time. On a hungry Friday, we decided to order some buth packets to satiate our hungry bellies.


Ashi’s updates their menu every day. This leads to a rather fun shuffle of content in your meal and keeps things interesting. However, on Fridays, they usually do yellow rice, which is what we got. 

We got the Chicken (Rs. 200) and Fish (Rs. 190) buth packets. 

The rice was seasoned well while not being too oily, and came with a sizeable chicken piece. Flavour-wise, it’s more on the peppery side. We got the staple parrippu (no rice meal is complete without that) and it was excellent without being too watery or too dry. There was a nicely cooked pineapple curry that added a bit of a tang.

The cucumber salad had a fresh crunch to it while the seeni-sambol added a spicy, yet sweet undertone to the whole meal. Everything felt fresh and all in all, every element it had, worked well with each other.

The Friday Special Fish buth packet sported the same curries, while replacing the chicken with fish.  Here, the fish too was cooked in a peppery way and we enjoyed it. 

How To Order

They don't deliver to Nugegoda yet, so we had to pick up our order from Piliyandala. This is probably because they are new, but, we were told that they are planning to expand the area they cover. As of now, they only make delivery from their home base to Kohuwala, Kalubowila, Milagiriya, Galle Rd, Colpetty and WTC.

You can check out their Facebook page to get a good idea about the daily menu and place your order before 10 am. 


With an interesting menu and delicious food, Ashi's Catering is a good option to grab your daily meal from. We quite enjoyed ours, and you might too. 


121/3, P.S.Perera Mawatha, Mampe Piliyandala


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