Back of Beyond (Pidurangala)

'Kurulu Uyana', Temple Road, Pidurangala , Sigiriya

An eco lodge right next to the Pidurangala Rock.

Adjacent to the Pidurangala Rock, this eco lodge is a five minute drive from the Sigiriya Rock Fortress. They have a couple of bungalows and comfortable tree-houses to bed down in, complete with swish bathrooms so even though you're in the middle of the forest and out in the wild, you still have the luxury of a warm shower and comfortable bed.

The Experience

Don't follow the route on Google Maps, you will get lost because the road it shows doesn't exist. However, the Lodge will mail you directions which are easy to follow, so stick to that.

The tree house — and the whole of Back of Beyond, basically — is set in 4 acres of the forest that surrounds the Pidurangala Monastery and rock. You can practically walk to the rock from the lodge, but this isn't recommended because you can also easily lose your way and potentially run into wild elephants, who can get quite aggressive if startled.

The tree house we were in had space for 3 people, and was fully equipped with multiple power sockets and a ceiling fan, as well as mosquito nets to keep all the insects out so you could sleep in relative peace.

It had homely little touches like a chest of drawers in a corner, and a writing desk at another end, overlooking the forest. The washroom was downstairs, and can be creepy to access in the middle of the night if you're afraid of bats and bugs.

The staff are super friendly and have been around for ages — one of the men told us he'd been there since its inception, just over a decade ago! They're chatty and helpful, and also don't bother you or come up to the tree house, so you've a lot of privacy.

They serve up great local food which tasted just like what your mom or grandmom would make: so, win.


If you're looking for a luxurious and eco-friendly getaway that won't break your wallet, this is the place to go to. You can get more details here.


'Kurulu Uyana', Temple Road, Pidurangala , Sigiriya