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No 62, Havelock Road, Colombo.

Easily the best French bakery in town. Their bread is fantastic!

When it comes to freshly baked artisan breads, there are a few spots around CMB that you can look to with reliance. Baguette is one of them, and one of my mains, too! I'm going to gush in this review, so if you'd like the tl;dr version: we love the place. 

Food & Drinks 

They've got about 5-7 savoury items, and a whole other range of sweet treats and goodies. From macarons to baked tarts, they're your one-stop French bakery and deli- for all your cheeseboard or petit four needs. All savoury treats are priced somewhere in the Rs. 300-Rs.600 range.

This is the Ham and Emmental savoury item. I forget whether it was called an open-faced sandwich, or just ham+emmental on its own, but there you have it. 

The bread base is pillowy and delightful. Tiny, crispy bits of ham are strewn about in abundance. This adds a little bit of texture to the sharp and nutty emmental cheese that's melted through on top. While the cheese is quite dry and doesn't quite resemble the melty quality that freshly baked cheese has, this is still a brilliant option.

It looks small, but it's huge and I wouldn't advise you to have it as a snack. Rather, invest in it for a filling breakfast. 
The Garlic Bread is arguably one of the better bakery garlic breads you'll find in town. It comes on a fresh, halved baguette and is super-buttery. The garlic makes a subtle, yet effective statement. Along with the oregano, and a light olive oil presence- the bread offers a wonderful savoury refuge with its chewy and abundantly flavourful demeanour. A full 5/5. I got a Masala Chai, which is practically a tea bag steeping in hot water. It doesn't hold a candle to some of the masala chai experts in the city like Yaal, or Shanmugas- but I suppose it's a very subdued tea for those who don't really like too much action. I wasn't really a big fan of this but try their other teas- they're not too shabby. 

Ambience & Service  

The ambience here is very straightforward. Stark white and cream accented walls are backed up with a colour blast from the crimson seating arrangements. All this flows together somehow to create a very elegant dining space, just perfect to accentuate that rich ham+emmental savoury item. 
The service is fantastic. The name of the cashier/server has completely slipped my mind, but he's a wonderful part of the bakery. With a friendly and outgoing personality, all your queries will be answered adequately should you have any doubts about the items for sale. Service here is a strong 5. 


Baguette focuses on blessing Colombo with an authentic French bakery experience. They focus wholeheartedly on the authenticity and quality of each of their baked goods. Check out their website for more information, and stop by for your various cheeseboard needs. Or even if you're craving a slice of good bread. 


Get your baguettes and sourdough from here. Also, their dessert range might look appetising, but don't skimp on the savouries!


No 62, Havelock Road, Colombo.


Inside Pho Vietnam.


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Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

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Cookies Cakes Pies Bready Coffee

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