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House of Wines, Flower Road, Colombo 03

A gourmet bakery that serves up proper French bread and pastries at the House of Wines on Flower Road. They also have imported products, meats, and cheeses. is no longer at the House of Wines premises, but you can order their stuff via the ZipSip app. They also have their own outlet on Havelock Road.

If you've been craving proper, fresh European bread (baguettes, Viennese bread, croissants, etc) in Colombo, you're going to be ridiculously pleased to hear about 

What Do They Have?

Apart from a variety of homemade French breads, the space has also got a whole heap of things you'd find in any European delicatessen or small bakery. 

Their freshly baked goods are definitely their forte (or should we say torte), with some of the best macarons we've had in Sri Lanka at Rs. 450 for a box of 4 or 5. We'd strongly recommend you head over and get yourself some of the coffee macarons. 

They also sell a variety of sourdough breads, and bread made with whole grain and rare flours such as rye, barley, maize and spelt, cakes, macaron towers, and bespoke items (just call or drop an email to make an order). We didn't get the baguette this time, but opted for the Viennese bread instead, a reasonable Rs. 110 for 100 grams of soft, fresh baked loaf.

The area also stores cured meats (salami, pancetta, prosciutto etc), ouvo di lompo (the poor man's caviar),  pâté, and a whole selection of cheeses from France and Italy. They've also got speciality international stuff like coffee, black rice, pasta, even wasabi. 

Unlike cheaper stores at say, Colpetty market, this spot ensures that all produce is up to date and nowhere near the expiry date or damaged in any way. 

We also got a couple of packages of cured meat which were a little more expensive, the prosciutto at Rs. 1300 and the pancetta at about Rs. 1100. Yes, it's definitely pricey, but we don't really know what other Colombo shop sells fresh, well packaged imported cured meats so we're fans. Keep in mind that prices depend on stock and suppliers, so you'll just have to go there and ask.

The ouvo di lompo, a cheap and delicious replacement for traditional caviar, came in at a pretty reasonable Rs. 1600 or so (which is on par with the €12 it used to cost me in Italy). 


The service here is great. Efficient, quick, and helpful. The French lady running the show, Nathalie, is more than happy to give you exact details, recommendations, and advice, and her helper is terribly friendly as well. 

They also often have little tasting portions for you to try, which is a huge plus!

Where Is It? 

They have a fully-functioning website that you can peruse for bread menus, contact details, and photos. Better still, you can also swing by their outlet tucked away in House of Wines on Flower Road, meet the staff, and get some real-time recommendations, along with a host of other edible options.

This is stuff that generally pairs well with wine anyway, so you'd be tempted to drop in after your next wine-buying spree. The space itself is neat, blissfully cold, with a few cold-storage displays and cupboards. They accept credit cards too, and wrap up your stuff in environmentally-friendly paper bags.

Would We Recommend It?

Resoundingly yes. We've very much enjoyed all the freshly baked goods we've picked up here (especially the coffee macarons), and we love having a convenient spot to pick up pâté or cured meat when we're wine shopping. It makes party planning super easy, and doesn't dent your wallet as badly as ordering these items yourself would. 


House of Wines, Flower Road, Colombo 03


It's right behind the cashier behind the sliding door as you enter House of Wines.



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