Baked (Ramada)

Ramada, Sir Mohomad Macan Markar Mawatha, Colombo

The cafe in the lobby of Ramada.

Baked at Ramada Colombo is quite a picturesque little spot and has an array of baked goodies on display that looks very tempting.

The Food

The Filled Capsicum (Rs. 250) was perfect. It's been quite some time since we last had filled capsicum, and Baked had perfected it. The crust doesn't detach itself from the capsicum skin but is coated perfectly. As you bite through the coating, the flavour of the capsicum hits perfectly, and the filling is second to none.

Sharing the same excellent crispy texture as the filled capsicum, the Chinese Roll (Rs. 150) was quite flavourful and consisted of a delicious filling. The wrap of the chicken roti (Rs. 200) had just the right amount of thickness and crispness while the stuffing was plentiful with bits of chicken.

The Eclair (Rs. 150) might have been one of the only good sweet things we've had here, unfortunately. Filled with some relishing vanilla cream and deliciously puffy and crispy, the eclair will leave you craving for more.

The Strawberry Cake (Rs. 200) was a tad bit dry and didn't exactly give away the strawberry flavour, and the icing on the cake wasn't as great as expected. The Strawberry Doughnut (Rs. 150) was also a bit hard in texture and not as puffy as expected, and was slightly too sweet. 

The Cheese and Basil Baguette (Rs. 250) was top notch. Although the texture of the baguette felt more like that of a generic bun, the topping made up for it. Cheesy and spicy at the same time, it was quite filling as well. The little slices of olives adorning the surface was a welcome addition. 

The Hot Chocolate (Rs. 500) was a letdown. Watered down and bland, we weren't great fans of it. 

The Iced Coffee (Rs. 390) on the other hand, was slightly better, but it tasted quite normal and didn't have as much coffee as expected. 

Service and Ambience 

A few comfortable sofas and little tables put together, you'll find Baked just as you enter Ramada. The place misses out on that cosy atmosphere though and looks like it has seen better times. 

The staff too weren't as accommodating as expected and were quite curt with their dealings.


All in all, Baked is an alright place to hang out and get some work done, and we'd definitely go back to have another go at the savoury stuff they had. The sweet goodies can certainly improve and since their name itself revolves around the word "Baked" we do hope they up their game in this particular department.


Ramada, Sir Mohomad Macan Markar Mawatha, Colombo