Baker's Choice

75A, Kynsey Rd, Colombo 07

An artisanal bakery that serves up a variety of home made bread.

While we're all aware of the fact that bread is more or less the staple for many of us, finding a decent piece of artisan bread like sourdough, can be a bit hard to do - considering the fact that barely anyone in the country even knows the concept of it. 

From what we gathered, Baker's Choice started by opening up shop in the Good Market with a range of bread that used to be pretty much limited to sandwiches in boutique cafes. However, we check out their own store down Kynsey Road. 


Unfortunately, we could not get a picture of the ambience because we were asked not to take them. But, there's nothing stopping us from painting a very worded picture of it, so here goes! 

The ambience at Baker's Choice is limited to one room with a bunch of rustic looking wooden chairs and tables painted white amidst a heap of pastel colours. One side is dedicated to showcasing a creamy kitchen where we presume, they do all the baking.

It's clean, very orderly and gave off wonderful tea-room vibes which we really liked. Also, they have a killer playlist in the background but singing along like the idiot you are could earn you quite a bit of side-eye from other people in the cafe, so watch out. 


They do have a range of breaded options, but because of a bunch of reasons like the impracticality of buying a loaf of bread for lunch and the awkward stares we were getting from people for some reason, we decided to stick to a few pastries. Anyway, FYI, they had a whole rack of breaded options you could go with.

The pastries, muffins and other tiny baked delights are like the sirens of the pastry industry. Pretty as a picture, these beautiful little delicacies will watch happily as you order way more than you can handle and watch you suffer (in a good way) as you try to finish them. 

Baker's Choice may be known for their bread, but, if there's one thing they do really really well to the extent of us being able to vouch for, it's the pastry. Flaky and beautifully buttery to the extent of us getting overwhelmed by it, we loved it! Seriously, if you do end up going to Baker's Choice, do not leave if you haven't had at least one of the pastries, you're not going to regret it. 

The Steak and Stout (top) (Rs. 300) and the Pork Pie (Rs. 350). Out of the two, the most bizarre would have to be the Steak and Stout. While you couldn't necessarily taste much meat, you could taste the stout very well. It's a strange mix of flavours, we agree, but we happened to like it. However, it wasn't very spicy and the stout tended to drown the taste of the meat even if you could physically see the chunks roaming around. 

The Pork Pie also tasted strangely similar to the steak and stout, minus the stout - but you get the gist of it. Not particularly spicy, nor with much veggies involved, it was nice. But, the richness of the pastry (more on that in a bit), and the naturally fatty pork was a tad too much for us, we admit. 

Then came the Creamy Mushroom (Rs. 300 for regular) and the Spicy Chicken and Mushroom (Rs. 250). 

The Creamy Mushroom was a pop of a tart that was positively stacked with mushrooms. It was a literal abyss of dense mushrooms inside the pastry and we loved it. 

The Spicy Chicken and Mushroom Pie was our favourite of the lot. With strong kicks of spice accompanied by corn, chicken and mushroom, it was brilliant! Plus, combine it with the extra buttery pastry that Baker's Choice seems to be known for - it was a match made in pastry heaven.

This gorgeous creature is the Fudge Muffin (Rs. 300). Maybe it was the fact that it had been in the AC for some time, or it's some other unknown factor that we aren't aware of, but, it was dry. No, not very dry, instead, it was the perfect mix of the two contrasting sensations.

That being said, we thought it quite a nice muffin; without being particularly sweet and with a heap of chocolate chips rolling in the deep (literally) with just a few rolling on the top, it was nice. We wouldn't call it amazing, but better than we expected. We'd go for it again. 

What really stole the show was this. Buttery, moist and fall apart at the seams soft, we absolutely loved the Almond Tart (Rs. 400). Sure, it's a tad expensive, but if you were to overlook that particular fact, it's wonderful. It had just the right amount of sweetness for you to feel it but not be overpowered by it and it's heaped with almond flakes. We strongly urge that you get it!

Our final item on this list of sirens is the Pain au Chocolat (Rs. 350). Flaky with 2 lines of chocolate running through on the inside, the pain au chocolat was as good as it can get. 

The pastry is essentially similar or the same to the other pastry-like items on this list, but not as buttery as the others. But, soft, flaky and balanced really well, we thought it was worth the money we paid for it. 


In terms of drinks, Baker's Choice limits themselves to coffee, tea and a couple of juices in bottles. 

In terms of things Tea, we opted for Jasmine Scented Black Tea. Served steaming, the pot cost us a stealthy Rs. 400. While we do agree that it's a bit much, we also think that it's the safest bet if you're going to get the pastries to help wash everything down.

With a great balance between bitter and milky and has a perfect consistency, this particular this cup of Cappucino (Rs. 350) was good enough to get Chathura hooked. Which says something as he's not the most coffee-loving person at YAMU.  


In terms of service, the staff was all right. Not particularly friendly, they were efficient and unobtrusive. 


Whether it be for bread or for pastry Baker's Choice is a safe bet to go with. Artisan bread is not very common in Colombo, which is why this place is a welcome addition.