Bamboo Room

123 Kumaran Ratnam Road, Colombo 02

The Bamboo Room is a new restaurant that is a part of the Hotel Nippon, specialising in Kerala Cuisine.

Once known as Manning Mansions, the Hotel Nippon is now a hotel with two restaurants and a cafe. We visited Bamboo Room after quite some time and had a very pleasant experience.

The Food

Their menu is pretty cut and dry with Sri Lankan and Asian cuisine. They even have a lunch buffet.

We started off with their Chicken Lamprais (Rs. 576). It was a delicious portion wrapped in a banana leaf. The strong cardamom and cloves aroma is enticing and ultimately satisfying. It is not a canonical lamprais, however, it was one of the best we have tried. The rice is well cooked, the moju was succulent with a hint of sweetness when you bite in, the ash plantain was perfectly seasoned, the blachan was on point and it came with a huge chicken leg that would fill you up on its own.

We also tried the Egg Fried Rice (Rs. 307). The seasoning of the rice was definitely more substantial than the ones you get at street joints. Here the rice is seasoned with natural spices and without too much oil. It was, however, a little too salty, but that didn't stop us from finishing it. 

We also tried the Sweet and Sour Prawns (Rs. 691). The sauce was thick, and the sweetness infused with the tang from the pineapple made it delicious. The prawns were well cooked with a crispy coating. We would have liked it better if the prawns and the sauce were mixed together. 

We also tried the Vegetable Kuruma (Rs. 380) which was our least favorite. The whole dish tasted very bland. The coconut milk was very strong and the vegetables were overcooked and very mushy.

For dessert, we tried the Lava Cake with Ice Cream (Rs. 353). It didn't look as fancy as it did during our first look but it was still delicious. We prefered it to the Pizza Hut lava cake but it was a little dense. It was a big portion that could certainly can be shared among two people. 

Service and Ambience

The food got a bit late to arrive and we were really hungry, so that didn't help. The staff, however, was very friendly and accommodating, they even recommended some of the items. 

The place is very spacious with velvet cushioned wooden chairs and tables. In terms of decor, it is pretty basic.


All in all, we enjoyed the place. It's a great place to drop by for lunch if you want to enjoy some Sri Lankan cuisine. Our total came up to about Rs. 3,000 which is pretty reasonable.


They have some delicious lamprais.


123 Kumaran Ratnam Road, Colombo 02


It's a large colonial style building on Kumaran Ratnam Mawatha and it's difficult to miss.


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Open until 03:00 PM


South Indian

Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

Dish Types

Rice Eggs Vegetarian Biriyani Chicken Fish Ice Cream Alcoholic