Barcode Grill and Lounge

377A Nawala Rd, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte

A wonderful choice for platters of grilled meat paired with BYOB.

Barcode Grill & Lounge is your best bet to share a platter of well-grilled meats, seafood or even veggies, accompanied by a glass of something boozy of your choice.


Aside from platters, you also have the option of getting bites, a few pasta options, and rice-based dishes.

We opted for the Tandoori Grilled Platter (Rs. 3000), which was an assortment of four full chicken legs, lamb, Tandoori Roti, Bhuna Aloo, Onion Raita and Prawn Chaat. It can easily fill up 3 - 4 hungry adults.Generously rubbed with spices to give that tandoori edge, all while retaining the flavour of the meat, the chicken legs were done well. Juicy and absolutely succulent, they were smoky, had a lovely caramelised outer layer, all thanks to the perfect touch of the grill. Falling off the bone so effortlessly, this one is a nice change for the usual BBQ style chicken legs.
The lamb was chewy, but not annoyingly so, and had a very soft texture. It could've been a bit meatier though, as opposed to the boney texture we experienced. Nonetheless, it had the grill on point. A lot of tandoori kicks too.

The accompaniments were quite generous in terms of portion size. The Bhuna Aloo was basically a serving of boiled potatoes, seasoned with a bunch of spices, while the Prawn Chaat was the same thing with the addition of boiled, de-shelled prawns.

Infused with a dash of pepper and curd, the Onion Raita was all right, and all these went well with the thin slices of Tandoori Roti.


While Barcode encourages corkage fee-free BYOB, they also have a few non-alcoholic beverages on their menu. We tried two of them - Chocolate Milkshake (Rs. 350) and Organic Turmeric Latte (300).

The Chocolate Milkshake was refreshing, but lacked the chocolaty punch we were looking for. 

Not even a treasure hunt can find turmeric these days, which was the same case with this Turmeric Latte. No trace of turmeric could be found in here, but we enjoyed catching a whiff of caramel, along with the mild notes of espresso, seeping through the creamy, warm milk.

Ambience & Service

Simple wooden furniture, arranged to make the best out of the limited space, Barcode's ambience is lit up, comfortable and can accomodate around 25 - 30 people at a time. Their downstairs space has a seating arrangement too, but it looks a bit tight with the kitchen and everything, and therefore we suggest going with the 1st floor area. 

The staff was welcoming and helpful. We received our food and drinks within 20 minutes.


A great option for group-style dining, Barcode Grill & Lounge is a must try. Their massive platters are a brilliant choice if you want to stuff yourself up with some good grilled meats, and it's not too harsh on the wallet too.


377A Nawala Rd, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte


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