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Buth Amma

Galle Road, Colombo 4

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Buth Amma's Buth Kade is a hole-in-the-wall rice and curry spot in Bamba, run out of a family home for 68 years.

Buth Amma's Buth Kade is the most charming hole-in-the-wall rice and curry place in Bamba. Inviting you into their home for breakfast and lunch, this operation has been going strong for 68 years. You would have walked past it countless times without ever noticing the little alley that leads to the spot. Once you've been, you'll keep coming back.

Rice & Curry

You can choose from prawn, cuttlefish, egg, chicken or fish to go with your rice and curry. We tried prawn (Rs 150), cuttlefish (Rs 180) and chicken (Rs 180). First up, the prawns were not super spicy and not a curry, more of a thel daala. You get maybe five or six average sized prawns. Then there's the curries of the day, which included soya meat, bitter gourd, carrot and parippu. We didn't quite care for the bitter gourd as it was a little too intense, and the carrot curry was nothing to write home about either. The parippu was good, though, spices just right and not overcooked.

The chicken curry was your typical Sri Lankan style red curry. Not too spicy, with a gravy tasty enough to pull the rice.

The cuttlefish is decent value for money. I had mine with red rice. While the red rice wasn't red enough, I had no complaints. There was just enough cuttlefish and the abundance of soya makes it seem like you have plenty of protein on the plate. The cuttlefish was not too chewy but not cooked to perfection either. For a buth packet, though, it was decent.


The real charm of this spot is not its food but the fact that you're eating inside someone's living room. While we ate, Madol Duwa was playing on the TV. There were drawings done by the kids hung on the wall, along with family portraits and wedding photographs framed and propped up against the TV stand along with cute ornaments and the like. It's homely. The only drawback is that it's got a seating capacity of 8.


For sheer value for money and its unique setting, Buth Amma's will always hold a place in our hearts. Tucked away from the everyday chaos of Bamba, it's a lovely respite from the madness of city life, comforting you with what is the soul food of Sri Lanka.


You can have a yoghurt cup for dessert.


Galle Road, Colombo 4


This place is between Romafour and Unity Plaza, on the land side. It's a tiny little lane you might miss unless you're on your feet. Watch out for the hand-painted green sign.


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Open until 03:00 PM

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

Dish Types

Rice And Curry

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