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BBQ Avenue

03, 19th Ln, Colombo 03

BBQ Avenue doesn't just quench your cravings, they vanquish it!

BBQ Avenue does BBQ, and some incredible ones at that, along with a range of dishes that lean on the Indian fare. They've introduced a concept we haven't come across in Sri Lanka before; an all you can eat, and if you're right to think that we must've gone all out, you're absolutely right. 


At just Rs. 2499 per head, BBQ Avenue lets you go for buffet full of barbecued meats. This unlimited package encompasses everything in their menu. Starting off of course, with the starters, and a welcome drink accompanied by a cold glass of water. 

Crisp French fries, ideally prepared, potato wedges slathered in a spicy sauce and what tasted like kernels of sweet corn fried in batter were our starters for the day. The sauces in the side too consisted of a pretty unique taste, and perfectly complemented the food. 

This next step was quite an exciting affair, as they opened up a small box-shaped hole in the middle of the table and inserted a steaming pot of coal.

Atop this makeshift BBQ, the starters were set, and we could keep asking for more until we were full to the brim. These starters consisted of crunchy, salted prawns, chunks of chicken and mutton that were perfectly marinated, fish slathered with an amazing sauce, sausages and even apples that tasted amazing and sweet corn that hit just the right spot.

Next up was *insert drumrolls * more chicken; succulent breasts, wings and thighs. Keep in mind that you can order any of these multiple times until you're just done.

This first course must have taken a solid hour or so for us to work our way through. Another plus point, there's no time limit.

The soup, which came in three types, was absolutely smashing. The Sweet Corn Soup was probably our favourite amongst the three, perfectly encompassing the sweet flavour in the steaming broth, with a generous amount of kernels swimming in the soup. If you do have a craving for seafood, the Seafood soup is what we'd recommend: spicy and full of flavour. Although the chicken soup had plenty of chicken in the fray, we feel like it didn't appeal to us as much as the previous two. 

Finally, on to the mains. 

As for mains, we had the Biriyani which had plenty of meat in it, consisted of just the right texture and long grains of rice that will definitely remind you of the perfectly prepared Biriyani pictures you'd find on Google.

The Butter Naan wasn't as buttery, but the Paratha, with plenty of layers and slightly oily and the Garlic Naan, studded with Garlic, was quite perfect. Paired with the various different curries, it was absolutely heavenly. The Butter Chicken Masala and the Fish Masala were amongst our favourites; spicy, meaty and full of flavour. 

To put the cap on the perfect meal, the desserts. 

The desserts were of various varieties; Gulab Jamun, Bread Pudding, Payasam and Fruit Salad. Except for the fruit salad, that had only apples and pineapples (no complaints from us though tbh) everything else was simply perfect.

The texture of the Gulab Jamun was not too soft or hard, just the right amount of sweetness and had absorbed to its maximum capacity the golden brown syrup while the Payasam had various ingredients that hit just the right spot.

The Ice creams (which were store-bought) was presented to us rolled, and with Pebbles and chocolate infused into it, which gave it an extra kick and all the more special.

Service and Ambience

Having recently opened, the manager kept checking in with us to see if everything was to satisfaction, and he did so in a very polite, undisturbing manner.

The staff were quite polite and accommodating, and were always in sight, so that you could ask them for next dishes, but they also made sure they were at a distance at which gave you enough privacy.

We have to admit though, that we did go during a time when the crowd was quite less, and we're yet to see how they would work when they have a full house to cater to.

Seeing that, stripped down, it would just be a hall, the deco team have done an amazing job to transform the place into one that has a sort of sophisticated look as well as a cosy atmosphere. Soft sofas and tables a plentiful, somehow the placement also promotes a sense of privacy.


Seeing how during our entire meal the quality of the food did not waver, it's a solid place. Plus, quantity and quality, they've got it both, which, in most cases, is a rare combination. If you're on the lookout for a spot to stuff yourself to the brim, BBQ Avenue is the place to be. 

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