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BBQ Station

65/3A Bernard Soysa Mawatha, Colombo 05

There's a BBQ place next to Cutting Station, guess what it's called.

Colombo has an abundance of meaty places. And with every passing week, we somehow manage to find yet another place to review with this giant meat infatuation. 

We came across BBQ Station not too long ago via social media. Hidden in the labyrinth that is Colombo 5, next to Cutting Station, lies Colombo's newest place to turn to for all its BBQ needs, BBQ Station. 

The Ambience 

This rather blurry picture is the best picture we could come up with for its ambience. That being said, it, in no way justifies just how nice the ambience at BBQ Station really is. 

With plenty of seating in 2-3 separate spaces dedicated to customers who choose to dine in, the ambience at BBQ Station is a pretty great combination of bottle covered ceilings, dried leaves, not-so-dried up plants, general seating arrangements and plenty of warm lighting and wine coloured walls to tie it all together. 

There's a space outside that caters to the bar-inclined side of you and for those who prefer to sit in the restaurant area, it's great for small gatherings. Clean and pretty stellar all together, we loved it! 

The Food

If there was one thing that was even better than the ambience itself, it had to be the food. The menu isn't horrendously long. But, they've managed to cover enough to keep anyone, meatatarian and vegetarian (to an extent), alike. 

As per usual, we went with the platter for two (Rs. 3,500). And boy were we surprised. 

This is the meaty part of the Platter for two. 2 Jumbo sausages, 2 decent sized pieces of chicken, Pork ribs and 2 slices of fish with a couple of pieces of tomato and celery as a garnish. 

The sausages had been grilled to perfection. Served steamy hot and plump, we liked it. Thankfully, they had only grilled it so apart from the bits of charred ends, the sausage was plain sausage and nothing else. 

The chicken and pork too had been cooked without too many add-ons to take away it's taste. Fall off the bone soft (both types of meat) and juicy as hell, we couldn't get enough. But, what really blew us away was the fish. Buttery and positively delicate, the fish was a stunner. 

The second part of the platter for 2 came as 2 giant plates with a bowl of Garden Salad, 2 kinds of dipping and a baked potato, each. 

This is pretty much why we loved this platter so much. Most places that serve meat seem to think that platters should include only meat. Which essentially makes people like me who prefer a little green in what they eat to order these as sides. Covering the bases of greens, meat, carbs and even dipping, this is what made the platter at BBQ Station so great. 

Having the perfect amount of punch with the likes of lettuce, bell peppers, gherkin and green apples, the veggies were super fresh and dressed with a vinaigrette dressing, the salad was lovely.

The baked potato had been covered in a white sauce kind of thing (we're not sure). Cooked to the point where the skin was crisp and the insides soft and mushy, we loved it.

The third and final part of the Platter for 2 was the Garlic bread. Utilising the likes of roast-paan, the bread had been buttered and smothered in garlic and herbs and having that perfect buttery texture in the middle and a deliciously crisp casing, the garlic bread was a solid 10/10. 

The Mash with Corn (Rs. 600) was a creamy combination of corn kernels mixed in with a super soft mashed potato. Creamy with little sharp tones coming through from the celery, we liked it. I didn't necessarily love it. But, maybe it's just not my cup of tea. 

The Mixed Salad (Rs. 690), was brilliant. Gherkin, tomatoes, lettuce, olives, half-grown mung beans, cheese, mayo and just the perfect amount of creamy dressing to pull it all together, the Mixed Salad was brilliant. 

The Papaya Juice (Rs. 150) came out as a lusciously thick cocktail of blended up papaya, lime and the smallest bit of sugar, the juice was super fresh and just the perfect option to go with if you're looking for a mix between dessert and a drink. 

The Lime Juice (Rs. 150) pretty much followed suit to the prior. With plenty of lime juice and sugar added to it, it was quite good. 


The service went on par with the food and ambience, to be honest. The staff was kind and attentive and even friendly enough to make small talk with you as they hustle around with everyone's food. 

They managed to bring our food quite quickly and even wrapped up our food without a complaint when we asked them to. 


We loved our experience at BBQ Station. The quantity of food they give for the price they charge is great and the food itself was pretty top-notch. That, combined with how nice the ambience is and how efficient the service was, we're going to go out on a limb and say that if you're looking for a place to get your meat on, BBQ Station is a definite recommend on our part.






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