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Bean Bag Bliss

34/1 U Liberty Plaza, Colombo 03

Good bean bags. 'nuff said.

Bean Bag Bliss sells, customizes and delivers beanbags and - best of all - customizing doesn't cost anything extra (unless you want something really elaborate). They also only use local products to manufacture their beanbags.

The Beanbags

Stuffed with styrofoam, Bean Bag Bliss has a variety of beanbags to choose from, tiny ones starting at Rs. 2,500 to larger ones which you can lounge in - these going for up to Rs. 15,000.

They've also introduced a range for kids, which are the smaller beanbags with bright and colourful prints all over it. Their Footsies are little foot-rest like beanbags, while the Dream King is a double-king sized pillow (I made that term up) which seems just perfect to dive into with a good read in hand.

The beanbags have double casings - which basically means that you can strip off the outer layer and wash it, without the styro spilling out. This also means that you can pretty much have two or three different covers should you wish to change what it looks like to suit your mood.

If you want your beanbags to be water-proof and sun-proof (so it doesn't fade when left outside), that too, could be done. Pretty good if you want to have them out in the garden or next to a pool.

The materials used (which also includes cotton and rexine) are thick and hardy, and the product overall seems quite sturdy. They're super comfortable, and my friends who own the product love it. The outlet hasn't received any complaints or dissatisfied comments over the course of their operations, and assures us that they check each product to ensure quality before it's released to the customer.

How to Get your Beanbag

You can visit their store at Liberty Plaza, or place an order through by either calling them up or Facebook messaging them. Be warned though, you have to make a down payment of 50% if you're placing an order. You can do this directly at the shop, or through a bank transfer.

You can also walk in and buy one straight off the shelves (or the floor, as it would be), or, if you just want a few for a party, you can also get them for rent at five hundred bucks a bag. That's a pretty sweet deal.


We like Bean Bag Bliss. They have sturdy, squishy, comfortable beanbags in an assortment of sizes and colours, and they last quite long too. It's a much nicer and cooler substitute for settees and chairs.


You can customize your beanbag


34/1 U Liberty Plaza, Colombo 03


It's on the first floor of Liberty. It's almost right next to the stairway accessible from their foodcourt.


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