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Bellissima is all about desserts, and they are widely available. Their CBP range is unique and a must try.

Colombo is always hungry for something sweet. From milk toffees to brownies, you name it, we want it. And that's where Bellissima steps in - a new, very well technologically updated enterprise for everyone who craves that occassional brownie. Or Peach Trifle, if you're posh.

Bellissima desserts are available online on their site, but you can also grab what you want off their fridge at Aviraté Cafe like I did.

The Desserts

Unfortunately for me, the Bellissima fridge was quite empty on a Wednesday afternoon. So, I ended up choosing an Almond Jelly (Rs 460) and a jar of Nutella Chocolate Chip Squares (Rs 690) off the limited range.

Visually, the Almond Jelly can be easily mistaken for a rather hipsterfied jar of curd. Although reeking of almond essence once opened, the jelly had a nice custard consistency making it an ideal dessert for anyone who just wants to swallow a blob for the sake of something sweet. While Bellissima struck the right chords with keeping the sweetness at optimum, they seemed to have accidentally (or purposefully) added in an elephantine amount of almond essence which pounds forcefully on your nostrils and tastebuds. 

A sprinkling or more of toasted almond flakes and controlled quantities of almond essence could have really elevated this dessert.

You'd find 4 average sized squares in your jar of Nutella Chocolate Chip Squares.

I was rather skeptical about trying this as it had been putting a small chill in the fridge, and I prepared my delicate dentine to bite into rock-hard squares.

Lo and behold, my teeth sank in to a really chewy and gooey square of layered chocolate and lots of heavenly Nutella! The Nutella Chocolate Chip Squares were a mix between a blondie and chewy cookies, and really rarely are blondies done so well! This jar is definitely something I'd buy again when my pockets get full, but that's rare.


It's only been a couple of weeks since Bellissima was born into Colombo's world of desserts, so the mishap with the overdose of almond essence is understandable. Their range is not very extensive, but they are one of the few dessert vendors that accept online orders. So kudos on that!

On the whole, Bellissima seems like a promising prospect for everyone with a sweet tooth.   

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