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Biriyani Bite

74 Meeraniya St, Colombo

Super affordable biriyani spot in Aluthkade.

We never get tired of our trips to Aluthkade. Every time we visit a spot from here, we’ve never gone wrong; always exceeds expectations. 

This time around we decided to check out Biriyani Bite. A small joint that does just three different varieties of biriyani, how did this manage to enthral us? 

The Food

We opted for the Chicken Biriyani and the String Hopper Biriyani, each costing Rs. 500.

The Chicken Biriyani had a generous amount of chunks of succulent, tender chicken in the fray, and the packaging could hardly contain this beast! Not too dry, not too oily, the biriyani had plenty of flavours, and it was evident that the use of spices had contributed towards this dish. The Chicken Masala that came with this was a tad bit mild but quite meaty and luscious. The chicken had sort of absorbed the masala flavour, and it was mouthwatering. Try as I might, I couldn’t get ahold of great pictures, as the packs were filled to bursting with food, and one whiff of the food promised us some amazing biriyani.

The String Hopper Biriyani was a very pleasant change of pace and we loved it. Not many places have perfected the art of the String Hopper Biriyani, but Biriyani Bite seems to have managed to do it. It was almost the equivalent of having a moose; airy and light, and still full of flavour. The Tandoori chicken that we ordered with it was simply delicious. A thick, flavourful sauce slathered over it, the chicken, tender and luscious as well as being fresh; superb stuff. 

Service and Ambience

The staff were quite friendly and accommodating and they have a stream of regulars owing to the fact that the food is relishing and the staff are great people to interact with. 

Not many people choose to dine in, we didn’t too, but for those who do, they have a couple of small tables that can seat two people, and the dining area is spotlessly maintained. 


We loved the biriyani here, and would definitely try it out again. A portion that can effortlessly serve two people, and just for Rs. 500 plus a huge chunk of delicious chicken; totally worth it. 


74 Meeraniya St, Colombo


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Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

Dish Types

Biriyani Chicken

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