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Biscuit Pudding Company

28/A/4, Pallidora Road, Dehiwela

A home-based food business that specialises at CBPs.

There seem to be quite a few home-based biscuit pudding places that seem to be cropping up as of late, and the fact that the recipe is quite simple to follow through with is one of the reasons. But what sets aside the Biscuit Pudding Company from the rest? 


We decided to opt for the Chocolate (Rs. 350), KitKat (Rs. 400) and Snickers (Rs. 400). The order has to be placed one day in advance at least, and they don't have delivery yet. So you have to pick it up from their place at Dehiwela. Also, make sure you bring change. 

So was the wait worth it?


Definitely worth the wait.

The biscuit pudding came in charming little jars, which brought the hoarder in me to the surface, convincing me that they can also be used to store something.

Have a break, have a KitKat. You want your break to feel even better? Well, the Biscuit Pudding Company has just the right solution! Biscuit Pudding with a topping of KitKat; heavenly. The only flaw we could find was the fact that the KitKat was not as crunchy as we would have expected it to be, but the oozing, creamy chocolate rightly made up for it. 

The layers of biscuit were not soggy, and the balance between the sweetness and the taste of chocolate was perfect.

Hungry? Grab a Snickers. Even hungrier? Grab the Snickers CBP! With a generous topping of Snickers, this fix is everything you need to make that hunger disappear! 

The classic Chocolate CBP, had a generous topping of chocolate, creamy and silky smooth, and like everything chocolatey, was amazing. And yes, they were as great as they look in the pictures. 


We felt like the biscuit pudding they had used was the same for each jar, and would have loved it if it the Snickers, or the particular flavour was also instilled in layers, along with the Marie biscuit. Plus, it would be even nicer if the chocolate counterpart of the jar was a bit thicker and more puddingy. 

But apart from that, they're perfect to have when you are having a couple of friends over and you're too lazy to make some dessert. 


28/A/4, Pallidora Road, Dehiwela


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