Bites Sri Lanka

Delivery only

Great bites offered at insanely cheap prices.

Much like Street Bites, Bites Sri Lanka delivers bites to your beer. But unlike Street Bites, they require pre-ordering and are comparatively cheap.

How To Order

Pop a WhatsApp message to them on 0706106469 for orders and inquiries. Once the order is placed, make sure that the payment is done prior to the expected delivery time. As of now, they accept bank transfers only. 

The Bites

They do bites with chicken, beef and pork. Pretty much everything on their menu is priced at less than Rs. 800, which is in fact, makes your drinking sesh at home more affordable than going to a bar. Plus, they offer good portions. 

This is one hella delicious Beef Curry (Rs. 770), and it's probably the best curry we've had all year. Lured by a promising aroma, it had a glossy pool of creamy gravy that's enriched with the finest spices and a splash of oil.

The bite-sized beef pieces were a little chewy, but tasted absolutely great, all thanks to absorbing all the flavour in the gravy. There was a lot of curry taste to boot, and a strong wave of spiciness too. This would've gone really nicely with some fresh paratha or thati paan.

The Pork Stew (Rs. 690) was excellent. Laced with a good dose of pepper, there was an equal mix of oily bits and meat in the fray, as well as some chunks of onions and banana peppers. The curry leaves added a leafy touch and its signature fragrance. It's great as a bite, but with a side of warm rice, it makes an unbeatable flavour combo.

The Devilled Chicken (Rs. 590) could've used some work though. There were a good amount of crispy chunks of chicken, laced with a salty and spicy sauce, lots of onions and garlic, but we couldn't detect the sweet kick that we were looking for. 


We highly recommend Bites Sri Lanka. They're cheap, do some fantastic bites, which in fact make great accompaniments for many other dishes, like rice, fried rice, roti and bread.