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Black Woods Barn

15/1 Anderson Road, Kassapa Rd, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia

A cafe that has infused an aspect of Maldivian food.

Black Woods Barn is a relatively new outlet found in the suburbs of Colombo, and a place that incorporates a taste of Maldives into our local dishes. 

Service and Ambience 

Well, it is quite... homely. I start with "well" because that is the first thing which greeted us as we entered the premises of Black Woods Barn - an old, quaint well; and I say "homely" because that is what it was - a home that looked like it had been hastily whipped into what slightly resembles a cafe. The open area they have is a pleasant addition. 

The staff were quite accommodating and was enthusiastic in explaining the specifics of the Maldivian infusion. The food didn't take very long to arrive either. 

The Food

They are unfortunately open for only the rice and kottu orders, which was rather a let down because they had an exciting menu, containing rihaakuru and other stuff that you wait for your relatives from the Maldives to bring because you can't find it here or it is much cheaper there. Nevertheless, enthusiastic to try out the food, we ordered the Valhomas Kottu (Rs. 570) and the Chicken Fried Rice (Rs. 550).

I know, I too was wondering, "Val-what now?" But it is this type of Maldivian fish, and did it taste good! The kottu in itself was a bit dry and lacked the zest you expect, but the Valhomas sort of made up for it. Looking a bit like chunks of beef, there was an abundant quantity of it in the kottu. The texture is a bit tough, and it tastes like the dried fish, except it is moister and much more relishing. 

The Chicken Fried Rice had a bullseye adorning it, but except for that, it tasted a bit dry, and the amount chicken at play was not up to expectations. Only a few pieces of chicken scattered about, greeting our tastebuds every now and then. 

The Orange Juice (Rs. 380) we ordered was squeezed fresh and had the perfect amount of sweetness, but unfortunately was not properly chilled, which clutched away the entire point of having a fresh juice on a warm day.

If you enjoy a strong coffee, this is what you would definitely want. Apparently a coffee from the Maldives, the Double Espresso (Rs. 380) was given to us in a bigger cup than usual, and was strong to the point that it was bitter; but the good kind of bitter. 


If they do up their game, we would definitely go back for the Valhomas that is hard to find anywhere else. They certainly can make it more interesting by making all the dishes on the menu available, especially the Maldivian goodies. Definitely a place with a lot of potential if capitalised upon properly. 


15/1 Anderson Road, Kassapa Rd, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia


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Open until 11:00 PM


Sri Lankan

Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1500

Dish Types

Rice Kottu Fried Rice Chicken Coffee

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