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Blaze Restaurant (Ceylon City Hotel - Mount Lavinia)

No. 38, Station Road, Mount Lavinia

Blaze is Colombo City Hotel - Mount Lavinia's in-house restaurant.

Well-known for offering contemporary comforts under a budget, Ceylon City Hotel has been around for many years now. They recently branched out to Mount Lavinia, by revamping one of the older establishments in the area. 
In this review, we check out Blaze - a restaurant that resides on the ground floor of the Ceylon City Hotel, Mount Lavinia. 

Food & Drinks

The menu here is quite limited with bits and bobs of Chinese and Mongolian fare, with a Lankan spin on them. Each dish is within Rs. 500 - 1000 range, which is quite good if you are dining under a budget. 

They have a bunch of ongoing lunch promos and we settled for the Mongolian Set Menu. At Rs. 600, you get a plate of Chicken Mongolian Rice, two Spring Rolls and a bowl of Cream of Chicken Soup. A solid deal! 

Let me start with the soup. Served steaming hot, with a sprinkle of parsley on top, the amount of chicken bits hidden underneath this creamy goodness absolutely wowed us. There were so many of them - 4, 5 bits to go with every spoonful. Unlike some places, they haven't used any flavour enhancer to get the chicken flavour here - so it all comes from the truckload of chicken they've added. 

Stuffed to the brim with plenty of veggies, the spring rolls had the perfect crisp on the outside, which we really enjoyed. 
The Mongolian Rice was one hefty portion. Served with a well-grilled chicken leg, a little helping of chutney and freshly cut veggies (cucumber, lettuce and tomato), two can easily fill their tummies with this one.

However, the rice was a bit on the oily side, and we'd prefer if they didn't hold back the seasoning on the chicken. 
Boasting a good wok aroma, the Seafood Fried Rice was well-seasoned, and plentiful with cuttlefish, prawn and other seafood bits. The chilli paste and the chutney on the side certainly helped to improve the flavours. 

This one is a massive portion too, if you feel like sharing it with someone. 
We also ordered a plate of Devilled Sausages on the side, and it wasn't bad at all. Smothered with tangy sauce, the sausage pieces were cooked right, and they haven't skimped on the veggies either. There were so many pieces of capsicum, onion, green chillis, and tomato in it. This would go very nicely as a tapa too. 

*Pictured above - Watermelon Juice (left), Orange Juice (right)

From the range of juices they had, we chose a couple - Watermelon and Orange. 

With a good consistency, the watermelon juice was quite refreshing, but the added sugar sort of got in the way of its natural flavours. The orange juice, on the other hand, was a bit watered down. We'd prefer more orangey, citrusy punch in this. 

Service & Ambience

We went here on a weekday for lunch, and the place was deserted. Anyway, the restaurant manager there was quite helpful and efficient. Our food arrived within around 15 - 20 minutes. 

The ambience here is pretty calm, quite and also a little bit dark. The picture above is what it looks like when the place is brightened up. We did it from Adobe Lightroom, but hanging a few warm lights here should do the trick. 


Our experience at the Blaze Restaurant was not disappointing. They certainly have room for improvement in terms of food, and making this place a bit more cheerful-looking would also help to improve the impressions. 

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No. 38, Station Road, Mount Lavinia



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Sri Lankan Chinese

Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

Dish Types

Meats Fried Rice

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