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BlueSky Hotel

Galle Road, Narigama, Hikkaduwa

An early bird in Hikkaduwa that does affordable breakfast.

BlueSky Hotel is one of the early birds in the city of Hikkaduwa. This is where we ended up while taking a stroll down Galle Road at 8.00 AM looking for breakfast on the 1st of 2020.  

Food & Drinks

Understandably, they had only two types of things on the menu at that time. Continental Breakfast (Rs. 400 each) and juices, of which we chose a glass of Lime Juice (Rs. 200). 

The Continental Breakfast was an assortment of four slices of toasted bread, two eggs, small helpings of jam and butter and a pot of tea/coffee. 

You can choose how you want your eggs, and I opted for the sunny side up. One of the eggs was a bit messed up, while the other one was well-executed, and had golden coloured, beautifully runny yolk pouring out. 

The scrambled version had hints of butter seeping through. 

In here, you get kadey paan, instead of the packaged ones. Toasted to perfection, each slice had a nice crisp to the bite. Both jam and butter were store-bought ones. 

With the perfect balance between sweet and sour, the Lime Juice wasn't watered down and was refreshing. 

Ambience & Service

They've got a spacious seating setup arranged with wooden tables and chairs, along with lots and lots of natural lights coming through. Welcoming, helpful and efficient, the service was quite good. 


We do wish we had the chance to try more of their food, especially the array of Chinese food. Nonetheless, it's a good spot to grab an early breakfast if you're in the area, without having to pay a lot. Plus, they've got a budget hotel adjoining them too, if you're looking forward to spending a day or two exploring Hikka. 

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