110 Dewananda Rd, Piliyandala

Some excellent biriyani made by a home cook.

If you're looking for some aromatic, meat-packed, vibrant potfuls of biriyani that your whole family can feast on, Bobo's is a solid choice. Based in Piliyandala, this home cook makes one of the most delectable biriyanis we've had to date.

How To Order

You can refer to the menu they've shared on their Instagram story highlights, or simply request it via WhatsApp - 0777154945. The orders are accepted through the same number. Just let them know what you want, and when you want it, 24 hours in advance. 

Once the order is placed, you'll receive their bank account details which you can transfer the payment to. Our order included a delivery fee of Rs. 300 (to Maharagama). 

As the order is being dispatched, they send you a WhatsApp message with the driver details. In our case, it arrived on our doorstep before 12.00 PM. 

The Biriyani Pot

Served in clay pots, Bobo's biriyanis are available with three kinds of proteins - Chicken, Australian Mutton and Paneer. Depending on the size of your group, you can opt for the small pot (recommended for 2 - 3 people) or the large pot (recommended for 6 - 7 people). They also do single portions of Chicken biriyani, which arrive in cardboard boxes.

We got the small Chicken Biriyani Pot (Rs. 3200). Each pot of biriyani is accompanied by small helpings of Raitha, Mint chutney and Chicken gravy, as well as Crème Caramel for dessert. 

Infused with a myriad of spices, herbs and stock, the biriyani was simply spectacular. They've used some highest-grade long grain basmati rice here, and cooked them perfectly to have that incredibly fluffy texture. Among that heap of rice, you get many succulent chunks of chicken, cooked in the same rich stock. 

Fragrant, flavourful and incredibly vibrant, the whole dish comes together absolutely well, all thanks to the chock-full of spices and herbs at play. This was further enriched by the generous smattering of raisins and cashews. There were hints of masala seeping through, and subtle notes of saffron. It's more of a flavour play between Hyderabadi, Middle eastern and Sri Lankan, and they've done a wonderful job in finding that sweet spot.

Two hard-boiled, fried eggs arrived with this biriyani, and you can make good use of the creamy raitha, spicy chicken gravy and leafy, minty chutney for the extra flavour. 

While this pot of biriyani is recommended to share between two adults, it can easily feed four. After serving my family, I PickMe Flash-ed the rest to Buddhika and his wife, while it's still warm. 

Drinks & Dessert

*Pictured above: Rose Mojito (left) and Almond Milk (right)

Bobo's has two drinks on the menu - Rose Mojito (Rs. 265) and Almond Milk (Rs. 325). We got one of each. 

With actual rose petals, mint leaves and poppy seeds floating about, the Rose Mojito was quite sweet and refreshing. Our favourite, however, was the Almond Milk. It was plentiful with tiny bits of almond and saffron.

Exquisitely smooth, creamy and with just the right wobbly texture, the Creme Caramel was phenomenal. The bottom layer has a lovely brown hue, along with a pool of sticky caramel underneath it. 


If you're having people over and don't want to hassle in the kitchen, or just having a family meal, we highly recommend ordering from Bobo's. They make some extremely good biriyanis that will leave you totally full. Furthermore, they keep everything highly eco-friendly; from cutlery to packaging, which is another plus point.