90 Pagoda Rd, Nugegoda

Box-O-Noodles does all-day noodles in many interesting ways, and they do it well.

*Relocated to Ethul Kotte. 

Box-O-Noodles does all-day noodles in many interesting ways, plus they have dine-in, take-away and delivery. It's a resto adjoining popular Big Bad Wolf. Given that their noodles are delicious and easy to get, this place is a total win.


Aside from the noodles, Box-O-Noodles also dishes out a couple of rice centered specialities, a few starters and a dessert. Since their speciality is noodles, we tried three of them; Tuk Tuk (Rs. 600), Kiss of the Dragon (Rs. 600) and Black Belt (Rs. 500).

The Kiss of the Dragon is basically noodle dish cooked in Tom Yum sauce, and mixed in with seafood and chicken. While it was properly cooked, it had rather strong punch that was carried by the abundance of Tom Yum seasoning, which we didn’t like. Needless to say, we couldn’t finish the noodles, but we managed to pick out all the delicious bits of chicken, prawn and cuttlefish mixed in it. 

The Black Belt is the only veg option in their noodles menu, and it delivered. It comes with a generous amount of golden deep fried tofu and shiitake mushrooms, cooked in sweet soy sauce. While the tofu had a very crispy outer layer, the mushrooms were fresh and chewy. In comparison to other two dishes, this one had a lot less sauce in it, and the seasoning was light.  

We got the Tuk Tuk as a take-away order, which they packed neatly in this nice takeout box. Tuk Tuk is essentially their version of pad thai noodles, with chicken and shrimp.

The noodles were oozing with chicken stock and sweet chili sauce, which was simply amazing. It had plenty of boiled, well-marinated chicken and shrimp to go around. So good we gulped it as soon as it landed on the table and therefore the only picture we have of it, is this “right-before-getting-attacked” shot.   

Ambience & Service

From the neatly arranged tables and chairs under the shade, to the quaint and scenic ample greenery, this place has a nice al fresco vibe going on. It’s actually prettier at night, when they light up the whole place with string lights.

The guy manning the counter was extremely helpful, and very quick on his feet. The food was delivered to our table within around 15 minutes.


Box-O-Noodles does some interesting noodle dishes, and they do it well. Their portions are single servings, but you get a huge bowl of noodles which can be shared among two people, if you're not too hungry. It's a hassle-free, convinient dining experience to get without having to leave a dent in your wallet.