Brew 1867 by Dilmah

No. 38/46 Navam Mawatha, Colombo 2.

Your ideal place to grab a quick breakfast or lunch, which is both healthy and freshly made.

Brew Bar is a well-known cafe that is located on the ground floor of Forbes & Walker Building catering to many office folks around the area. One of the alluring aspects of this place is how easy is to grab something fill up on from their neatly laid out pre-packaged, fresh and affordable snacks. 

Food & Drinks

You don't get a menu here, except for the chic board that has listed out the varieties of coffee and tea behind the barista. All the other food items are neatly packed, labelled with the price and placed on the racks. So you can see what is available or not - which is quite convenient. They have sweets like cookies and cheesecake, a whole range of savouries ranging from rice and curries, pasta, sandwiches and even ready-made pizza. 

We gave another shot at Penne Arabiata Pasta (Rs. 430) to see how things have changed since last time. You get the same penne pasta mixed with the Arrabiata sauce. The portion size is enough for one, and the pasta was cooked to retain its texture without being mushy. 

In terms of flavour, it packed a decent heat from the chilli, had a tinge of sourness and a sweet undertone. 

Spicy Roasted Creamy Chicken Baguette (Rs. 400) came filled with pieces of shredded roast chicken, pickles, sitting on a layer of lettuce dressed in mayonnaise. The bun had a crispy exterior, a bit tough as expected, while the inside was soft and not sogged out from the filling.

The chicken was properly roasted and we found plenty of it inside the baguette. Combined with lettuce, onion and tomato, which furthered the fresh crunch while the pickles made things interesting by adding a bit of sourness, it was a good sandwich. The creaminess entirely came from the mayo and helped to keep the filling moistened, which we liked. 

The Raspberry Cheesecake (Rs. 400) wasn't necessarily bad, but it would not be our first choice for cheesecake. The consistency was not of the usual cheesecake, nor we got the subtle tarty flavours or fluffiness in the texture.

As we gathered, they use yoghurt here and the entire thing tasted more or less like it, but then again with no yoghurty, sour notes. The raspberry layer is quite prominent in the flavour when you mix it up and helps with the overall flavour. There was a bit of a biscuit layer at the bottom which didn’t do much. 

The Hot Chocolate (Rs. 320 - large ) came indeed hot and I almost burnt myself, entirely my fault so better let that calm down, especially if you are drinking with the lid on. The drink was solid and it struck a good balance between being chocolaty and milky. At the initial sips, it was rich and thick, but at the end of the drink, it got a bit grainy in texture. This one can serve as a good drink to warm up yourself on a weekday. 

The Berry With Bubbles Sparkling Iced Tea (Rs. 250) wasn’t sparkling nor did it have any bubbles. It is, in fact, made with a tea cordial which explains the subtle tea aroma. Tangy, but equally sweet while the exciting berry flavour grasping the tastebuds right away, and leaving a hint of sourness on the palate, it was a good drink. 

Ambience & Service 

The place hasn't changed much at all. However, it was a bit smoky inside, with all the cooking behind the counter. 

*a picture from the previous visit more than a year ago.

The service was excellent and we encountered no problems here. Some food items are kept under constant heat, while some are in the cold. They offer to heat up the cold stuff if you plan to dine-in.

They have a separate shelf featuring Dilmah tea, which you can opt to purchase. 


Even though the prices have gone up a tad, this place still remains a darn good option quickly get some food to take out. From what we gathered, they have a new outlet in WTC too


Try the granola bowls and burritos.


No. 38/46 Navam Mawatha, Colombo 2.


It's right opposite Robert Senanayake building.


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Open until 07:00 PM



Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

Dish Types

Rice Salad Cookies Sandwiches Wraps Coffee Iced Tea

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