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Brew Bar (Zylan Luxury Villa)

115, Rosmead Pl, Colombo 07

Brew Bar is a tiny cafe that resides inside the beautiful Zylan Luxury Villa.

Brew Bar's bubble waffles took over the Lankan Instagram feed a few months ago, but now it has simmered down. The whole Instagram-worthy bubbly pictures began when they decided to move to a new location in Rosemead Place, inside the beautiful Zylan Luxury Villa.
But before all then, they existed briefly as a snack/coffee joint adjoining The Outlet Store on Bauddhaloka Mawatha. Now their speciality is bubble wraps, cheese tea and shakes. 

Bubble Waffles & Drinks

The food menu here is limited to a few sweet bubble waffles and a couple of savoury ones. For those of you who haven't tried this place yet - ordering a sweet waffle here includes 4 simple steps:

1. Select the waffle - original/ chocolate

2. Choose the ice cream - chocolate/ vanilla

3. Pick the topping - Nutella/ Caramel

4. Select the content - Oreo/ KitKat/ Snickers

Starting with something sweet - this is the Chocolate Bubble Waffle with Nutella, Chocolate Ice Cream and Snickers (Rs. 690). Presentation-wise, I liked it. I mean, it looks like a creative sundae ice cream cone.

We might have appeared a bit confused because we couldn't quite figure out how to eat this, which is when the guy behind the counter came to our help. So first you have to start with the ice cream. You can tear the waffle pieces and dip it in the ice cream if you like, but that would leave Nutella all over your hands. Anyway, once you finish the ice cream, then you can eat the waffle. 

That being said, let me get into the flavours. As you can probably guess, it was chocolatey and sweet. The waffle was soft, warm, with a slightly firm exterior, and had a good slathering of Nutella to it, while the ice cream was topped off with chunks of White Snicker bars. It's quite filling, so take someone with you if you're ordering this. 
Featured above is the Cheese, Sausage and Sunny Side Up Waffle (Rs. 690). The content of this dish is already in the title, so I'm not going to get into the bottom of that. Anyway, it's a combo that works really well. The sausage was cooked well, and there's nothing to complain about the egg either. We spotted a generous slathering of cheese on the waffle, which seemed to elevate the flavours. 

Out of the two, this one was our favourite. It's not particularly spicy, but we liked how the sweetness of the waffle didn't get in the way of its flavours.
The combination of cheese and tea sounded kinda unappetizing, but this cold Mango Cheese Tea (Rs. 490) turned out quite well. With a foamy layer of milk and cream cheese on top, it was one refreshing drink. Underneath all that fluffy foam, the drink was thick, with strong fruity and tarty notes of mango. We loved it.  

The KitKat Shakeology (Rs. 450) was a blend of KitKat, ice cream and milk. It had a good consistency, but in terms of flavour, it was more on the milkier side. A bit more KitKat would make it much more chocolatey. 

Service & Ambience

It's a small, cute cafe with a few stools and a table, while the walls are decorated with hipster-style posters. It could be a tight fit if more than 3 people were to visit this place. So, it's a good thing that they let you hang out at the lobby of Zylan Luxury Villa until your food gets ready. They will provide you with a tiny gadget that buzzes, so you can run to the counter and collect the order. 

They have a rack full of cute, miniature ornaments of carts, aeroplanes and such, which makes for a fine Instagram backdrop. 

The place was deserted when we made our way there and we had to wait for 5 to 10 minutes until the staff arrived. For some reason, he asked us a few times whether it's our first time having cheese tea and bubble waffles (it was not). The service was pretty quick - we got our food within like 15 minutes. 


We hoped for more variety on the menu, especially in the savoury section. Anyway, it might not be the only place that serves bubble waffles in Colombo, but it's just the spot to get decorated bubble waffles like this. It's a different experience, so we suggest you check them out. 


Their Mango Cheese Tea is great!


115, Rosmead Pl, Colombo 07


Inside the Zylan Luxury Villa.



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Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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Sweets Beverages Waffles Milkshakes Chocolate

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Nice experience. Love the presentation of the waffles ❤️

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Nice experience. Love the presentation of the waffles ❤️

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