Brew Lounge (Zylan Luxury Villa)

115 Rosmead Pl, Colombo 07

The new cafe at Zylan Luxury Villa serving up some interesting Sri Lankan and Western treats.

The gorgeous Zylan Luxury Villa adds a sprinkle of serenity to the city life, amidst all of its hustle and bustle. They recently welcomed their new cafe; the Brew Lounge and after spending a couple of days drooling over their Instagram page, we decided that it's time that we have a look at what they do.  


The Brew Lounge has an extensive menu curated for breakfast, lunch and dinner needs and they cover both Sri Lankan and Western aspects. Throughout our experience here, we managed to try out a few dishes off their lunch menu.

Oh my! Look at this beaut! Known as the Signature Black Mumbo Burger (Rs. 950), this is Brew Lounge's take on a charcoal burger, and it's lit!

Comprised of a layer of juicy chicken, lettuce and cheese, the elements at play were simple. Most of the burgers in town tend to get the bun wrong, but here they've chosen excellently. It was soft, moist and airy at the same time, along with a teeny tiny sweetness to boot. 

Well sauced up and spiced up, the layer of chicken had chunks of onions and tomato thrown in the fray, adding a bit of sweetness and tang to the overall flavour. The sprinkle of chilli flakes provided the much needed spicy kick to it, and coupled with the flavours of the meat, it was a delight to devour. And when you bring the melting cheese into the mix, it makes for one messy, delicious burger that one cannot simply resist. 

The French fries served on the side were crispy with a hearty middle and had just the right amount of salt to taste.

The Spicy Prawn Pasta (Rs. 1100) was a bowlful of penne soaked in white sauce and garnished with a dash of chilli flakes and parmesan. With around 6/7 fat, juicy, well-boiled prawns in the mix, the pasta was cooked al dente, and the sauce was creamy and delicious. The chilli flakes did such a nice job adding a lovely spicy kick, while the abundant involvement of parmesan provided a nutty undertone. 

Presented in a bamboo shoot, the Egg Kottu (Rs. 1200) was a sight to behold. They had thrown a generous amount of veggies (carrots, leeks, cabbage and curry leaves) in the fray along with finely chopped roti, a bullseye egg and lots and lots of spices, so it tasted quite incredible. Boasting with rich curry notes at every bite, you can further improve its flavour with a splash of spicy gravy they serve on the side.


Brew Lounge does a range of coffee (hot and cold), healthy smoothies, signature drinks and shakes. Given that our intention was to beat the heat, we opted for two cold drinks; Beetroot Fantasy (Rs. 550) and Chocolate Frappe (Rs. 650).

Crafted up with beetroot, yoghurt, fresh milk and honey, the Beetroot Fantasy was mind-blowingly refreshing. Sweet but not overly so, it had subtle sour kicks emerging through its velvety texture. It's more like an interesting twist on a classic lassi.

The Chocolate Frappe, however, has room for improvement. Made with chocolate sauce, fresh milk and double espresso, it leant towards the milky side, and we couldn't quite detect its coffee flavour. 

Ambience & Service

The seating space of the Brew Lounge lies on the ground floor of Zylan Luxury Villa. We were lucky enough to grab a spot on the open verandah, which is quite nice as it allows you to blend with nature as you enjoy your meal. 

The service was excellent as well. Well versed, polite and welcoming, the staff didn't take more than 10 minutes to bring out our food.


Not only Brew Lounge crafts up great food, but they also know how to present them well. Plus, they seem to have a ton of interesting stuff going on for breakfast; like parippu fondue, pittu and Sri Lankan food basket, and we're super excited to try them out soon.

*Photographs courtesy of: @raveen.re