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Bro Pub & Restaurant

9/47 6th Lane, Pagoda Rd, Nugegoda

A pub & restaurant by Garton Holidays.

The suburban bar scene seems to be upping their game, and we're glad. Last week we discovered the Urban Grill, and this time around, we checked out the Bro Pub & Restaurant.
A venture managed by Garton Holidays, who also handles the sailing restaurant in Colombo - the Garton's Ark, this place offers some good drinks and bites to indulge with a wonderful view.


On the day we visited, they were running a special promotion for drinks. For beer, you get a complimentary plate of French fries, and if you purchase arrack, they serve two chasers and a bite on the house. Pretty sweet! 

Featured above is the Garlic Hot Wings that was served with the bottle of arrack we ordered (placed on the side of our Kuganna's mugful of beer).

In here, they had separated the drumette and wingette from each other, so it's five whole wings cut into two - ten pieces. Nonetheless, it tasted incredible. Drenched in a garlicky, sweet and savoury sauce, the chicken was sticky, moist and well cooked through.

Crispy and salty, the plate of fries we were served on the house was dusted with chilli powder, which gave it a nice spicy kick.
The Nasi goreng (Rs. 1200) arrived with the sides of Chilli Paste and Ketchup, alongside two Chicken Satays and a small helping of Peanut Sauce.

The rice had a good flavour, but tasted sort of toned down in comparison to the other Nasi goreng we've had before. However, on the good side, it was plentiful with bits of seafood. The chicken satays were well grilled, and the peanut sauce was creamy and peanutty as promised. And it's a generous portion that two can share, which is another plus point.
If you cannot decide between a devilled cuttlefish or a hot butter, this Devilled Cuttlefish (Rs. 1200) is a happy medium - because it is both, despite what it reads.

The chunks of cuttlefish were wrapped in a crispy batter coating, along with a saucy touch. Spicy with a mild sweetness, its flavours were sharpened up by the pieces of tomato, onions, green chillies and capsicum.

We have a love-hate relationship with the Jamaican Jerk Chicken (Rs. 1200). As per the menu, it was supposed to be a "Jamaican spiced grilled jerk chicken served with spicy, peppery rice and salad," but what we received was a Chicken Submarine accompanied by a side of fries and ketchup. 

It was confusing, really, and we were a bit mad tbh. But one bite of that made it all go away. There was a thick layer of jerk marinade soaking up the chicken and it was incredible. Sweet and spicy with a dose of curry-like flavour, it worked out well with the smoky, grilled up flavours of the chicken.

It would be absolutely great if they can serve it as what they promise on the menu, because this chicken goes well with just about with any kinda booze.


Out of the range of cocktails they had on the menu, we picked the Side Car (Rs. 850), a concoction of Brandy, Cointreau and Lemon juice. This was right up my alley because I really dig the fruity-cocktails, but for some, the fruity kick was a bit much.

Ambience & Service

You're guaranteed to get a good view from up here - comprised of lush greenery, a bank of the Diyawanna lake aligned with a jogging track, and tall buildings from a distance, along with quite a bit of breeze, all thanks to the giant glass windows. With a variety of seating options, it's a spacious establishment with a very chilled out vibe.

The Bro Pub & Restaurant is home to a very friendly staff. Energetic and enthusiastic, they welcome everyone with genuine smiles and seemed quite eager to serve them. 


With good food, great views and a staff that happily treat you like bros, we enjoyed our experience here. It's a wonderful drinking spot for anyone who lives or works in the area.

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