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Brownie & CO.


Brownie pizzas.

Brownies & CO. does something new which we haven't come across anywhere in Colombo as yet — brownie pizzas. I hear several cries of horror as a people gasp "is nothing sacred anymore?", but as someone who loves both brownies and pizza I thought this was quite a brilliant idea.

Placing the Order

Struck with a craving for something sweet (and honestly, their Facebook Page looks absolutely fabulous) Kinita messaged them last Wednesday asking if we could place an order. There's radio silence until Saturday, but we finally manage to confirm delivery for 2 PM on Monday. If you're looking to have these delivered in time for something, we suggest you message them way ahead (and set a delivery time a couple of hours before you actually need it as well).

Lunch and a couple of hours of craving later, the delivery guy finally appeared at 4 PM. It's always the perfect time for dessert, yes, but about two hours overdue.

The Brownie Pizza

There's an assortment of toppings, so you can pick your favourites, which is what we did. The flavoured toppings that we chose were Maltesers, Hersheys C&C (cookies and cream?), Mint Choc Chip, Twix, OreoWhite Chocolate Fudge, and Summer Berries. We opted out of the others, Snicker p'butter Caramel, Toblerone Fudge, and White Kit Kat. 

The brownie itself was near-perfectly executed, leaning a lot more towards fudgy brownies than crunchy ones. We say near-perfect, because there was unfortunately no crispness to it, but that's because of the richness of the toppings. The whole thing was a moist mess, and we loved the strong, chocolatey flavour it exuded. Everyone unanimously agreed that the brownies alone were great, and Kinita said it would've been perfect with a light topping of (non-sweet) cream cheese.

A quick run-through of the toppings and how we felt about them:

Maltesers - these didn't seem to be actual Maltesers, so we cried silent tears of sadness (Ed Note: They were not silent)

Mint - Nice! Creamy, very minty, not-too-sweet frosting which blended well with the gooey brownie. The flavouring was strong enough to make itself felt, unlike some of the other toppings that were drowned in the density of the base. If you don't like mint and chocolate though (like some of the guys at office), you probably shouldn't try this.

Hersheys C&C - The Hersheys added a bit of texture, but again, the brownie was so supremely good and chocolatey that it overpowered most other flavours.

Fruit - Whilst we ship strawberries and brownies, we weren't fans of the other fruits, Also, when it isn't fresh, the kiwi doesn't have any of its tang; everything's a bit bland and tasteless and the soggy texture of the fruit contrasts unpleasantly with the rest.

Twix, and Oreos - We discovered that we don't like brownies and Twix combined, especially when the very chewy caramel remains long after the brownie's dissolved in your mouth. The Oreos (and biscuit base in the Twix) were soggy and had lost all of its biscuity crunch (probably because it wasn't fresh since it took eons to reach us), so it didn't contribute to texture much, and the flavouring was subtle.


We love the brownie base, but aren't huge fans of the toppings. However, it's super eye-candy, and would work great for parties and events where you want a beautifully decked out table with decent nibbles. Yes, as a brownie pizza, we know that the toppings are the main focus, but we think that the brownies themselves would have been much nicer if these flavours were incorporated within the dough itself, so there's an even distribution of flavour. As it was, the toppings disappointed us, mostly because it had lost its freshness and was a bit meh when we bit into it. We're hoping it's because of the delay it took to get through, and isn't always like that.




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