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Bunnavo Bakes

Delivery only

A home baker that specially caters to your cinnamon roll cravings.

Bunnova Bakes started off with the name La Brioche SL. Actually, they used to be called La Brioche SL up until this morning when they au revoir-ed the name via an Instagram story that's now on their highlights. So, if you're wondering where La Brioche SL went; calm thy soul, it's still here. 

Like in most other instances, we happened to come across Bunnova Bakes also through a post on Instagram. And given how few places there are that serve up cinnamon rolls, we decided to take a chance and get a whole bunch of them.

The Ordering Process 

It's pretty simple, really. All we had to do to get our hands on them was to just drop them a message on their Instagram and unlike most other places, they're super responsive. 

Fast forward a day or two, we wound up with 2 giant boxes filled with 6 fluffy, cream cheese smothered cinnamon rolls to go all out on. 

The Cinnamon Rolls 

Cinnamon rolls aren't necessarily the easiest dessert to find. And apart from the usual Butter Boutique, The Bread Company and such, all our cinnamon rolls needs have to depend on home bakers and not much else. 

Packed tightly together in a river of cream cheese frosting, the cinnamon rolls were a sight to behold. And kinda like the baklava from Just Baklava, the smell hits you like a truck as soon as you crack the box open. 

While the bun itself was just right in terms of softness and sweetness, everything was overpowered by the cream cheese frosting; to the point where the main flavour tones were of the bun and the sweetness of the frosting. We could taste the hints of cinnamon from the inner layers of the roll, but from the outer ones, not so much - as the cream cheese flavour is quite dominating. 

But, it's an easy fix, really. All they need to do is tone down on the frosting and it'll all be good. Unless you're giantly into cream cheese frosting (which we were not) and won't mind the excessive amounts of it. 

Plus, the sweetness of the bun combined with the sweetness of the frosting quite literally, left us swooning. Thus why we say that these should not be consumed on an empty stomach, you're gonna end up feeling a tad dizzy after you've finished your first one. 

That being said, the bun priced at Rs. 395 was worth every cent you spend on it. It's positively gigantic and given the amount of cream cheese they had added to the mix, it's impossible to call them expensive, particularly considering how rare it is to get a good cinnamon roll in Colombo. 


If you've got a giant sweet tooth as we do, and you're cool with cinnamon rolls, you're going to love this one. The portion sizes are very generous and given how well the rolls had been made, we're going to take yet another chance and say go for it. They're decently priced and given how rich each bun is, you're going to be satiated before you even know it. 

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