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Burger Crush

180 Layards Broadway, Colombo 14

A burger joint in Grandpass that somehow only had the Chicken Sub when we went.

Music blaring from shops in street corners, people of every age bustling about, neon lights and a stray cat or two, Grandpass at night is pretty much like every other densely populated area in Colombo. 

And of all the resident shops in the area, we decided to check out Burger Crush, which is essentially just another tiny shop dedicated to serving particularly saucy burgers and subs. 

Service and Ambience

The ambience at Burger Crush basically simmers down to LED lights, a fridge, 2 chairs and the pavement. So, coming hoping to dine in might be a bit of a problem. 

With loud dance music playing in the background, the atmosphere here wasn't the best, but if you're looking at the takeaway option, you can check it out. 

The staff at Burger Crush turned out to be just 3 young boys who seemed to run the whole shop. While we felt that one of them didn't seem too happy that we were there, the other 2 seemed all right with it. Serving our food within 5-7 minutes of placing our order, we can't really complain. 

The Food

The menu at Burger Crush gives hope of many a sandwiched option, from tandoori to cordon bleu. But, unfortunately for us, the only thing that they had on their menu at the time was the chicken submarine. 

Coming in at a pretty decent Rs. 350, the Chicken Submarine at Burger Crush was no more than all right. The bun was slightly sweet with sesame seeds adorning the top of it. The chicken was basically just cubed chicken tossed in sauce, mayo and caramelised onions and not much else. The one really good thing about this place happened to be with the fact that the sub was big. Sure, it didn't have much in terms of filling and stuff, but it's big enough to fill you up if you're up for it. 


If you're looking for some cheap fast food in the area we say give it a shot.


180 Layards Broadway, Colombo 14



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