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Burger Hangover

23/7, Vijaya Road, Kolonnawa

  • Closed right now

A delivery-only burger spot that whips up deliciously good burgers after hours.

Burger Hangover is a burger spot that is still quite new to the burger scene in Colombo. Being fans of the deliciously stacked goodness, we just had to give them a try. They are known to make occasional appearances in food festivals, but we got it delivered.


The items they have are quite straightforward. Aside from burgers which come with either beef or chicken as the patty of choice, they also offer a Chicken Wrap for those who want something a bit lighter. They also carry a low-carb bunless burger which comes with doubled-up patties wrapped in lettuce, and as for sides, they've got fries and wedges. 

We ordered their BLT Chicken Cheese Burger (Rs. 690) and it was clearly one of the best chicken burgers we’ve had. Stacked with loads of nicely crisped up chicken bacon, it’s what every glutton’s dreams were made of.

The chicken patty was seasoned right. It was peppery, juicy, and the texture was excellent. What we appreciated here was how they managed to keep its natural flavours intact despite being well seasoned.

Accompanying this burger were some slices of tomatoes, melted cheese - which of course made everything juicier, a few grilled onions which added a hint of sweetness, pickles for some tanginess, and bed of lettuce for a good crunch and a fresh feel on the palate.

Lastly, their in-house sauce tied everything up together which reminded us of thousand island dressing but with a bit of a twist to it.

We just had to get the Beef Double Double Burger (Rs. 690) and much like the BLT chicken burger, this burger was generous in size. Lightly toasted, it wasn’t soggy despite the amount of juiciness it carries. The beef patties inside this were just awesome. It was so smokey and boasted a lot of beefy goodness. Each of the patties had melted cheese on it which added some gooeyness and an extra kick of flavour. This burger comes with the same veggies and dressing as the BLT Chicken and the overall result once again deserves two thumbs up.


There is no shortage of places to get burgers from in Colombo but what we like about Burger Hangover is that despite the number of options one can order from, one can choose to satisfy their burger cravings from them in a heartbeat. In our opinion, these burgers are made with quality in mind and the big-serving sizes coupled with generous amounts of ingredients, at its price, burgers from here is definitely a steal.


23/7, Vijaya Road, Kolonnawa



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Closed right now

Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

Dish Types

Beef Chicken Burgers Wraps


Fast Food Burgher

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