Burger Hut

126, D.B. Jayathilaka Mawatha (Hill Street), Dehiwala

Burger Hut; the popular family restaurant chain at Kandy has opened their newest outlet to the suburbs of Dehiwala.

Located down Hill Street in Dehiwala, Burger Hut serves up quite a few decent fast food options, and a killer veggie burger. 

The Food

Their menu is very large for a place called 'Burger Hut' and ironically, they only have about 5-6 burger options. Everything else is rice, pasta, sandwiches, submarines, kottu and paratha.

The Veggie Burger (Rs. 280) was magnificent! It was delicious with a huge patty topped with melted cheese and ketchup, sitting on a few salad leaves and onions. The patty was made up of potato and carrots which made it very filling, tucked in between a soft, grilled bun that had a slight sweetness to it.

It's not easy to find a veggie burger that can actually make you crave for more, but this one certainly did for me. Granted, the bar isn't very high when it comes to a good veggie burger.

We also tried the Tandoori Chicken Sub (Rs. 420) which did not have the proper tandoori taste that we expected. It had a generous amount of BBQ chicken, bell pepper mixed in with some good old mayo. Overall, it was not bad, but Dinemore certainly does it better. The fries were nothing to rave about.

We also tried a Beef Kottu (Rs. 340) which was probably our least favorite. The roasted beef was alright, but the kottu itself was very dry. It was just a generous serving of roti, and the seasoning did little to bring out the flavors.

I was really excited to try the Singapore Prawn Fried Rice (Rs. 420) but all we got was just a plain fried rice without a hint of garam masala. The rice was alright, it was just your regular fried rice. It had around 5 tiny prawns on the side, soaked in a sweet and sour gravy; it was neither devilled nor fried.

From what we could gather, the safest bet is to stick to the burgers, however little there may be.

The Drinks

As for drinks, they didn't have a lot of options, aside from milkshakes, lassi and soft drinks.

The Chocolate Milkshake (Rs. 220) was pretty good. It wasn't overly sweet and while we would have preferred more chocolate, it was a favorite. 

Service and Ambiance

The service was slower than our last visit, where our orders arrived within 1o minutes. This time, it took more than 20 minutes for the food to arrive and I was ravenous by then. The staff is not all smiles but they do their job. 

The place is a two-story building with the interior slightly similar to a McDonald's, with air conditioning and comfy seating. There are framed photos of close-ups of food which did not help with my hunger.


All in all, the place is more or less your average fast food joint. The burgers especially stand out so better stick to it, unless you're craving for a plate of rice.


Chicken Corden Bleu is the bomb!