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Burger Shag

No:642 Galle Rd, Hikkaduwa

Burger Shag is one of the safest bets for late-night grub in Hikkaduwa.

A tiny streetside joint in Hikka, the Burger Shag is mainly about burgers, but they do good kottu too. If you're looking at some simple late-night staples around the area under a budget (like we did), this one of the safest bets. 

Food & Drinks

Their menu has pages and pages filled with burgers stacked with beef and chicken patties which they ground at the spot itself. The kottu section is limited to a few items, and they also do Western-style breakfast goodies. 

Clocking in at Rs. 900, the Classic Chicken Burger featured a massive chicken breast, seasoned and grilled to perfection. 

Carrying a whiff of smokiness, it had a lovely crisp from the outside, while the inside was all juicy and succulent. The seasoning was quite light here, so the meaty flavours can emerge through so effortlessly. The bun-to-meat ratio was spot on, so every bite is rich with meatiness. 

Just underneath that, lies a bed of lettuce dressed in a tangy sauce. They had gone easy on the sauce too, so it doesn't overpower the other flavours in the mix. Bursting into tanginess, there was tomato adding a refreshing feel to the palate, and with a bit of leafy crunch from the lettuce, while the onions adding that extra zing, it was simply delightful. 

The bun complemented the whole thing. Slightly crispy to the bite as it had been sitting on the grill for a while, the bun was light, fluffy and airy. 

The Chilli Pork Kottu (Rs. 550) was relishing too. Smothered with chilli flakes and a blend of other spices, it was absolutely spicy, yet flavoursome. There were enough pieces of well-cooked, meaty pork to go with every spoonful while the bits of carrots, leeks and curry leaves making for the extra flavour. It was a bit dry for our liking, so some gravy on the side would have been ideal. 

Burger Shag does a range of interesting drinks, and this glass of Flashy Mango (Rs. 400), was incredible! Concocted with mango, lemon juice, fresh mint and brown sugar, it was light, refreshing, deliciously fruity had sweet and sour elements well balanced. 

Service & Ambience

The owner of the restaurant is the one who prepares the food, while a lady waits tables. Both of them were friendly and helpful, and the food didn't take more than 15 minutes to arrive. 

The place itself has a very basic setup of wooden tables and chairs, enough to accommodate around 20 people at a time. The Galle Road runs next to it, so it's not all that calm and quiet, but we weren't quite bothered by it. 


We enjoyed our experience at Burger Shag. Everything here is freshly made, and coupled with good service, you're bound to get your money's worth. 

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