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Cafe 47

550, Pitakotte - Talawatugoda Rd, Ruhunupura

Cafe 47 is one pretty restaurant in Thalawathugoda that serves up a variety of cuisines under the same roof.

Cafe 47 is probably the prettiest restaurant you'd see in Thalwatugoda. The eccentric ambience, coupled with the good food they serve, all add up to one fine spot to grab your dinner or lunch at - if you find yourself in the area. 


The interior at Cafe 47 is not like anything we've seen before, which you'd also notice from the pictures below. 

A fascinating thatched roof designed with bamboo frames, with hay in between, they've added a unique touch to the restaurant in the most eco-friendly way. 

With enough space to accommodate around 50 - 60 people at a time, the wooden tables and chairs are a part of their charm. It's not an airconditioned space, but they've got you covered with some fans. 

Food & Drinks

The menu at Cafe 47 covers a wide array of cuisines - from Italian and Western to Asian and of course, Sri Lankan. Every single item on the menu was available, which is quite impressive. On the drinks side, they've got smoothies, juices, coffee and tea, and if you prefer something stronger, you can BYOB here without having to pay a corkage fee. 

Our starter was this Norwegian Smoked Salmon (Rs. 1400). Two smoked salmon flower canapés placed on top of a bed of lettuce, freshly cut zucchini, bell pepper and tomato, it was dressed in a sweet and salty sauce. The veggies were fresh and crunchy, the smoked salmon was perfectly smokey and of high quality, but for the given price tag, we'd have preferred a bit more salmon in here. 

This seems to be the biggest seller at Cafe 47 and we clearly understand why. It's roast paan, fresh out of the oven and you can pair it with dhal, pol sambol and a meat curry of your preference. They've got the options of chicken, mutton, pork, prawns and cuttlefish, and we went with the last choice. 

Oozing out with a nice pepper hit, the cuttlefish curry was brilliantly executed, the pol sambol lent the spicy and tangy kicks, while the dhal curry was milky, and lavished with curry flavour to boot. Altogether, it creates one steller, very Lankan flavour profile that one can never say no to. 

When Cafe 47 promises freshly baked roast paan, they mean it. Warm and wonderfully crispy from the outside, while the inside is all soft and airy, it leaves a dash of oil on your fingers, which comes from the butter they apply in the making. 

Priced at Rs. 790, this roast paan - curry combo is a treat that fits for the Gods. You can order more roast paan on the side to finish up your curries. Each is Rs. 72. 

Next up, we tried the Korean Spicy BBQ Chicken (Rs. 1050). With the right touch from the grill, the chicken was juicy, slightly firm but rightly so, and had a wave of smokiness spreading through. It wasn't coated with the sauce as we anticipated, but the sweet and spicy sauce on the side made up for it.

Boosted by the charred bits stuck on the meat, it was a flavoursome dish. The accompanying mashed potatoes and steamed veggies were good too. 

As for our dessert, we got the Crème Brûlée (Rs. 550) which was a letdown. For one, it was missing the blowtorched layer of caramel which is essentially the absolute best part about any proper crème brûlée. Also, the texture of the pudding wasn't exactly thick, probably because it hadn't been frozen well. Nonetheless, it tasted good. Very custardy, and not overly sweet. This is pure avocado bliss. Creamy with the perfect consistency, the Avocado Juice (Rs. 350) was rich with the promised fruit. A refreshing, and filling drink to pair your food with. 

The Hot Chocolate (Rs. 550), on the other hand, was a bit on the milky side than being chocolatey. A couple more spoons of chocolate powder should do the trick. 


The staff at Cafe 47 is well-versed, knows the menu quite well and was happy to make recommendations whenever we need any. We had to wait a while to get our dessert and the bill, but aside from that, they were quick on their feet too. 


Cafe 47 is a superb spot to grab a variety of cuisines under the same roof, especially if you're in the area. The ambience here caters to various encounters - family dinner outs, birthday treats as well as date nights. If you ever end up here, make sure to try the Roast Paan - Curry combo - you can thank us later. 

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Try the Roast Paan - Curry combo! It's the best!
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