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Café by Raffles

42, Navam Mawatha, Colombo 02

A new cafe by Raffles.

Café by Raffles, as the name implies, is the newest venture by Raffles. This cafe has a great spot overlooking the Beira lake down Navam Mawatha, and serves up a variety of snacks and rice & curry items for a very affordable rate. 


Everything they've got here is pretty much readymade, so it's convenient for both grab and go, as well as a proper sit-down meal. We ordered a Spicy Chicken Wrap (Rs. 250), Tuna Ciabatta (Rs. 250), and a Chicken Lamprais (Rs. 450).

The Spicy Chicken Wrap had a deliciously cooked mixture of chicken, lettuce tomato and spices, wrapped with a thin, light tortilla. There was a little tang swirling around, a spicy kick too, and lots and lots of chicken to taste. A solid deal for the said price.

Made with some fresh ciabatta, and a mackerel-based filling, we enjoyed this Tuna Ciabatta Sandwich. The bread was light, fluffy and had a lovely crust, while the filling was a classic - with chunks of fresh tomatoes, lettuce and a sprinkle of pepper. 
The Chicken Lamprais isn't anything close to the authentic version, but we enjoyed it nonetheless. Featuring a hefty piece of well-seasoned chicken, a boiled, fried egg, ash plantain curry, brinjal moju and seeni sambol, it was a packetful of flavours. 

The ash plantain was creamy, the brinjal moju was tangy, the seeni sambol was sweet and the chicken had a lot of curry flavour to boot. Everything went well with the chicken stock cooked rice. 

Out of the dessert options, we picked this slice of Peach Gatuax (Rs. 160). The base was a tad dry for my liking, but my lunch partner didn't seem to mind it. The frosting, however, was light and had just the right amount of sweetness. 


In terms of drinks, the menu at Café by Raffles includes coffee, smoothies and fruit juices.

They craft up a fine cup of Irish Latte (Rs. 400) with Dallmayr coffee. A little less Irish syrup would have made it better, as it tended to make everything sweeter than I'd have normally preferred, but we have nothing else to complain about the rest of its qualities. 

The Avocado Juice (Rs. 300) could use a bit of salt in it, but aside from that, it was packed with the promised fruit, creamy in texture, and absolutely refreshing. 

Ambience & Service

Café by Raffles has got ample seating space, and a very cosy atmosphere. The view from here is quite good too.
The staff was welcoming and accommodating. They made sure to keep their masks on, and maintain 1m distance, which made us feel safer. 


It's been only a few weeks since their opening, but from what we gathered, it's already a crowd's favourite. Lots and lots of people who work nearby seem to stop by this cafe, and we can clearly see the reasons why. It's wallet-friendly, conveniently located, and the food and drinks aspect is quite impressive as well. 

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