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Cafe Divine Street

139 Colombo St, Kandy

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Cafe Divine Street does some superb grub for wallet-friendly prices.

Kandy's cafe scene has been popping for a while now, and Cafe Divine Street is a valuable member of this throng. Hidden amidst a maze of kadeys down Colombo Street, this is one of the best places in town to grab some good food and drinks that would give your money's worth. 


The food menu at Cafe Divine Street is comprised of burgers, submarines, pasta, as well as rice-centred specialities like biriyani, fried rice, nasi goreng and nasi lemak. Almost everything they've got here is priced under Rs. 500, so we went ahead and ordered a bunch of stuff. 

The Chicken & Mushroom Pasta (Rs. 450) was a messy tangle of spaghetti immersed in a deliciously creamy white sauce. There were squishy bits of chopped up button mushroom, along with a few pieces of chicken to go with every bite. It's a simple dish that would fill up a grown adult to the brim, and for that price, it's quite a steal too. However, some more chicken in the mix would do no harm. This is one solid burger we've had in Kandy - the Grilled Chicken Burger (Rs. 600). Tucked in between a soft, airy bun, it was stacked high with a giant piece of grilled chicken, a slice of cheddar, a bullseye egg, onions, lettuce and a drizzle of mayo.

With just the right glaze from the grill, the chicken had a tough exterior, while the inside was tender, perfectly cooked through, while retaining its juicy factor. The bullseye was well-executed and pouring out with beautifully runny, golden coloured yolk; making everything heaps better. Coupled with cheese and veggies, it's a meaty, succulent treat. 

Generously stuffed with chunks of beef soaked in a tangy sauce, the Beef Submarine (Rs. 450) was superb too. It shared the same soft bun as the burger, but the mayo content here was a bit much as it was spilling through the bready enclosures.

The beef was devilled, had a slightly tough texture, so there was a bit of chewing involved. Nonetheless, the flavours worked together, making for a filling snack. 

Out of curiosity, we ordered the Chicken Lemak (Rs. 450). It's actually a fried rice, and not lemak, but you cannot be so judgemental about it - given the sheer number of elements it comes with. 

A mountain of wok-fried rice accompanied by a full chicken leg, bullseye egg, Maldive fish sambol, peanuts, onion sambol and fried sprats - this dish can be easily shared among two hungry bellies. 

Fiery red in colour, the chicken looked a bit dry from the outside, but truth to be told, it didn't taste the same. The exterior of the chicken was firm, while the inner layers had kept the moist quality in check. However, marinating it with some spices could have made it more flavoursome. 

The Maldive fish sambol was plentiful with chewy bits of Maldive fish as promised, and a dash of chilli flakes contributing to the spicy aspect of the meal. With the crunch and the peppery kick coming from the onion sambol, and the salty, crispy notes of the fried sprats, all add up to a well-balanced flavour. 


Cafe Divine Street does a range of juices, mocktails, shakes, smoothies and hot coffee on the drinks side. We opted for a Cappuccino (Rs. 400) and an Avocado Juice (Rs. 200).

Frothy, slightly strong, and not burnt, the Cappuccino featured a nice caramel art on top. However, the milk was a tad overheated, so it wasn't fluffy we'd have liked. 

This is a mug full of pure avocado bliss. Loaded with fruitiness, its consistency was spot on, and wasn't overly sweet either. 

Ambience & Service

Colombo Street is a busy one. With various sweet shops, saiwar kadeys, tiny offices, and a whole bunch of vehicles blocking the road, it's easy to miss a spot here. Which is why we highly recommend you keep your head up and watch to your right. 

The space here is quite small and looks a bit packed too. With crowds coming in, you might not be able to spend hours here, but what you're looking for is a quick bite, you've come to the right place.

In terms of service, it's not the friendliest, but it's the fastest. The cafe was packed with people, yet they managed to bring out our food within around 10 minutes. 


We highly recommend Cafe Divine Street. Their food is of good quality, delicious and absolutely wallet-friendly. Plus, they're available for delivery too, which is even more convenient. 

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