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Cafe Eklektik

39, R G Senanayake Mawatha, Colombo 7

Cafe Eklektik is a little courtyard canteen of sorts inside the German Cultural Center. It's good for lamprais, shorteats, fresh juices and some conversation under the trees.

The Goethe Institut isn't typically where you'd go to grab some food - but in case you're there to study a bit of German or in the neighborhood looking for a bite, they've got a little courtyard canteen going on inside. Cafe Eklektik has your typical share of cheap shorteats and snacks, and it's a lovely, quiet place to chill out at on a cool day.

The Food

We walked in at 2PM expecting to have lunch - they do rice and curry - but unfortunately, some school kids had beat us to the mark and so most of the food was gone (school kids are evil like that). You can get an average Sri Lankan rice and curry here for Rs. 200, or lamprais if you call and order the day before. We had the chocolate brownie here for Rs. 50, which is less brownie and more like a really tasty piece of chocolate cake - it's all good if you just treat it like cake.

We had a bunch of bites too - a chicken sandwich, egg roll, vegetable rotti - all good and in the Rs. 50 range as at any bakery.

They do some solid, richly flavoured juices here - we had a passion fruit juice and a very good, refreshing banana juice. So this is basically a chill spot to have a quick bite.

Ambience & Service

If you walk in after lunch time when most of the food's gone it can feel a little dusty and deserted, but this is actually a really nice courtyard, with simple wooden benches and a canopy of trees overhead. It's one of those places you'd stop by more for the ambience than for the food, if you're with a few friends and want to kill some time.

It's also inside the German Cultural Center, which is a very old, charming building of white arches and quiet corridors.

During our visit, service was a one-man-show, with the cafe's friendly owner Haroon making us fresh chicken toast and bringing it to our table - probably a challenging job when the place is crowded with school kids from nearby.


Cafe Eklektik is no big deal on Colombo's food scene but if you're in the neighborhood and you're looking for a quiet, pleasant space to get a quick bite at, it does the job.


The Goethe Institute often sponsors some excellent events, check in with them to see what's on.


39, R G Senanayake Mawatha, Colombo 7


It's right opposite the stupa of the Sri Sambodhi Maha Viharaya. Walk right in and you'll reach the courtyard.



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Open 10.00AM to 5.00PM

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

Dish Types

Lamprais Rice And Curry Brownies Short Eats

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