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Cafe J

Porutota Road, Athukala, Negombo

What a vibrant new place to stop at to get a bite to eat on the way out of Colombo... Cafe J - the newest eatery to hit the livening Negombo strip. Belonging to the Jetwing Group, this juice bar/patisserie/cafe is bright, clean and stylish, opening out onto the road on one side and the ocean on the other.

Cafe J's been around for about three years now, and we loved it when we last dropped by. They used to have a selection of soups and sandwiches and whatnot back then, but we discovered that it's morphed more into a bakery/coffee shop when we dropped in over the weekend. Best part is the prices of the sweet goodies.

Food and Service

As far as dessert goes, you can get almost anything for under Rs. 100, which is kind of mindblowing because where else do you get a decent portion of cheesecake for Rs. 100 and Tiramisu for Rs. 75?

In all fairness though, the tiramisu didn't have as many layers as it generally should, but had a cakey base with a thick cheese upper, sprinkled with cocoa (or coffee). The flavours didn't come out strongly, but it was creamy and sweet.

'Creamy and sweet' is also applicable to the baked cheesecake we got, which came garnished with a bit of strawberry and glacé. For the size, it's surprisingly rather filling, and well worth a hundred bucks. Note that it's not remarkable though. In comparison, the best cheesecake we've had in Negombo is at The Grand.

At just Rs. 50, their chocolate tart is a steal. Fluffy and light, there's a generous topping of mousse on the base. All three had great presentation too.

The actual disappointment came with the coffee. I  ordered an iced cappuccino (Rs. 400) because it was a hot day. Unfortunately, it was way too bitter to be flavourful. The top half was froth, which even when mixed did practically nothing to enhance the flavour.

Staff are really friendly and welcoming (which is great), but not too efficient (which is not great). I had to remind them twice about something I wanted, and then go back inside and wait for it because they forgot to send it to us. They were quick to fix it, but having been in a bit of a hurry, it was unnecessary hassle.


More like a take-away, Cafe J is sandwiched between Il Gelato and a Japanese joint, Samurai. There's an eating area outside, but beware of geckos dropping onto your table from the Araliya tree there. The spaces (both inside and out) are clean and well-kept.

However, it's not a place you'd hang around for an hour or two though, because you just can't. (Unless you don't mind the traffic flowing by or the men lounging just outside the fences).


Cafe J serves up decent desserts, just not iced cappuccinos. They also have cakes for sale, should you want to pick one up. They look pretty good, and are about Rs.2000. If you want a quick bite in the evening for ridiculously low prices along the very touristy Poruthota Road (aka 'Hotel Road' sometimes), drop by here.


If you go there during the day, or even in the morning, be mindful of the sun which can beat down on your pretty harsh. Take a hat and your sunnies.


Porutota Road, Athukala, Negombo


If you drive to Negombo, turn from Porutota road and keep an eye out for the Jetwing name boards on the side of the road, leading up to the hotels. Find Jetwing Blue. Café J is just next door.


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Open +94 31 227 9000

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Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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