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Cafe Noir

No. 302, Pannipitiya Road, Pallawatte, Battaramulla.

Café Noir is the definition of good vibes and great coffee. For real.

Colombo has an abundance of cafes. It started with just a few popping up here and there and look where we're now (if you're wondering, the link leads you to a horrendously long list of new cafes in CMB for the year 2018). Nonetheless, to no one's surprise, this strange cafe scene is spreading to the suburbs, and beyond. 

What used to 'dote', Battaramulla is now slowly joining the cool kids club. We also have cafes - fancy ones at that. Cafe Noir takes the prize on that.

We've been there before and we absolutely loved it. Thankfully, this particular escapade has a happy ending too.


The ambience at Cafe Noir gives strong Tea Av vibes. Just quirkily overstuffed with some giant, fancy chairs, rustic lighting, dark wood and emerald walls, all combine to give a slight Sherlock/rainy day on Tumblr impression. 

Don't get us wrong, we liked it. We happily sank back into the furniture and were delighted in the freezing air conditioning. But, some of the fairer chairs had a few stains on them, so maybe stay towards the darker shades and try not to be too picky. Ignorance is bliss friends!

The Food 

For those of you who haven't been to Cafe Noir yet - they've got one of the biggest cafe menus we've seen in CMB. From smoothies to hot and cold coffees to frappes to mojitos, the beverage menu alone is a handful. The food menu is quite extensive too. 

We went with the Penne Arrabiata (Rs. 980) and the Thai Basil Beef with Steamed Rice (Rs. 1400).

This is the Penne Arrabiata. The Pasta was cooked al dente and was smothered in tomato sauce, olives, basil and a whole bunch of herbs. The fact that the dish was completely vegetarian didn't bother us one bit.

Not too spicy, nor salty, we really liked the sauce. Plus, two slices of toasted baguette, which were as crunchy as biscuits and the little hints of garlic hitting the right spots, it was a good plate. A bit more cheese would have made it perfect though.

The Thai Basil Beef with Steamed Rice was brilliant! The bed of steamed rice was cooked to perfection and the beef was so soft. Spicy, with heaps of baby corn, mushroom, chillies and bell pepper, we loved it!

Nonetheless, the whole dish reeked of lemongrass, so, if you're not into that sort of thing, we suggest you stay away. Thankfully, we had no such qualms and were quite happy with it. 


As for the beverage aspect of things, we went with a Cookie Creme Brulee Frappe (Rs. 640) and a Strawberry Cucumber Mojito (Rs. 560). 

Let's start with the mojito, shall we? Fizzy, pink and as pretty as a picture, this was quite literally the perfect way to beat the heat. The love child of a mojito and shaven ice, we loved it. 

Just a little tip: make sure to mix the drink before you drink it. If not, you'll be left with sickly sweet, fizzed up cordial and a pillar of shaved ice. 

The Cookie Creme Brulee Frappe was desert in a cut. Milky, chocolatey with lots of Oreo bits and a slight hint of coffee, it was designed for when you can't afford dessert and fits the bill to perfection. 


They seemed to be in a bit of a hurry when we were ordering. But, apart from that, they were super nice throughout the whole time we were there. The whole staff greets and bids farewell upon arrival and exit.


Unlike their sister branch down Thimbirigasyaya, Cafe Noir seems to be keeping up with their standards. It's an albeit pricey option for suburbs, but still quite good. 


Seafood pasta, hot chocolate and desserts! Yum-may!


No. 302, Pannipitiya Road, Pallawatte, Battaramulla.


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