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Cafe One Love

Ella Station Rd, Ella

Cafe One Love is a must-try if you're planning to cut loose for a night in Ella.

Laid out along the lines of booze, shisha and good times, Cafe One Love is the best chilled-out spot in Ella. If you're vacationing in Ella and planning to cut loose for a night, this is an absolute must-try. 


The ambience at Cafe One Love is incredibly comforting, relaxing and at the same time, happening. Spread throughout three, attic-like floors, the seating arrangement here varies from beanbags and sofas to tiny beds and hammocks; which is pretty much everything you want to keep yourself all cosied up. The happening vibe here is mainly drawn from the great playlist they've got going on the background, and the hippie interior. An assortment of colourful dream catchers, lamps, hippie paintings, wooden floors, bamboo staircases, devil and tiki masks whatnot, this whole space is warmly lit up and has a unique charm of its own. 

It's one of the very few places in the country where they encourage you to walk barefoot inside the restaurant. They've got a separate rack on each floor to keep your shoes/slippers at. 

Plus, did I mention the doggos? Yep, if shisha, smoking or booze does not provide you with the relaxation that you're looking for, pet a doggo; Cafe One Love has a whole bunch of them. 


Cafe One Love doesn't have food, but what they do is an array of cocktails, coffee, smoothies, juices and other spirits.

The One Love (Rs. 750) was a concoction of rum, passion fruit juice and lime, served in a brown sugar-rimmed glass. Refreshingly tart, sweet and with a subtle boozy zing emerging through, it was a good drink. A bit more rum in the fray would have made it even better. 
On the non-alcoholic side, this cup of Cappuccino (Rs. 450) didn't disappoint. The milk was creamy, and the caffeine punch was strong but leant towards the bitter side of things. 

A blend of banana, coconut milk, honey and cocoa, this glass of Chococo (Rs. 450) might not be for everyone, but it has its moments. There was a swirl of banana kahata flavour running through, which was balanced out well with the honey, while the cocoa providing the extra flavour kicks, to the point that it subdues the coconutty notes. 

Cafe One Love's shishas are priced at Rs. 2200 a pop. They've got some interesting flavours; we quite enjoyed the Kiwi & Mint one we got. 


The majority who walks in here are tourists, but Cafe One Love welcomes them and locals alike. The staff seems to be super enthusiastic about what they do, quite energetic and excited to have us there. They mostly left us to our thoughts so we can chill as we like, but didn't forget to check with us every once in a while to make sure that we're having the best time. Kudos to that! 


Cafe One Love is an iconic member of the restaurant scene in Ella. Their drinks can improve with a couple of tweaks, but what really seals the deal here is the vibe. It's freaking amazing, and open 24/7; we highly suggest you check them out. 

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