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Cafe Tasty (Vajira Road)

60 Vajira Rd, Colombo 05

Tasty Caterers newest venture that's right in front of Visaka.

One of the OG's of the pastry scene in Colombo, the food by Tasty Caterers is known by everyone. And they've come a long way since their inception. 

Tasty caterers started expanding not too long ago with the likes of Cafe 97 and their newest venture into Colombo 5, Cafe Tasty by Tasty Caterers down Vajira road, directly opposite Visakha. 


An older building converted into a restaurant, Cafe Tasty gives off major Nuwara Eliya vibes with their stone walls and cosy interior. 

Just look at it! Everything from the extreme neatness of it, to the spotless glass windows to the warm lighting, makes it look like a bizarre mix between something in the hill country and the modern, which we liked. 

Completed with radio music going on in the background, the ambience at the new Cafe Tasty is perfect for when you're looking for a quick bite, but, if you're looking for somewhere to spend hours at, we suggest going with Cafe 97 instead. The ambience is a lot nicer there. 

The Food 

The store opens at 6 am and closes at 6 pm. Unfortunately, we happened to drop in around 4/4.30 pm. So, our choices were limited to basically just cakes, short eats and water. But, we still went for it and with no surprise here, we were pretty happy with the way things turned out. 

Pictured Above: Prawn Tart (above), Chicken Vol Au Vent (below) 

The best thing about getting short eats from Tasty is just how neat the food is. 

The Prawn Tart (Rs. 100), was a lovely little tart of soft pastry and a filling packed with cut-up prawns. Adequately spicy and all in all quite flavourful, we enjoyed it. It's perfect for a tea party, we say go for it. 

The Chicken Vol-Au-Vent (Rs. 100) pretty much followed suit to the Prawn Tart. A delicately crunchy pastry packed with creamy chicken filling and veggies, it was a delight. Not, all that filling, but a delight, nonetheless. 

On the slightly larger side of things, we had the Chicken and Cheese Rotti (Rs. 300). Essentially a normal kadey vegetable rotti with an upgrade, the paratha covered filling was literally oozing spiced up milk. 

The thing about the Cheese and Chicken Rotti is this. It felt like a cheese kottu; a very normal chicken and cheese kottu from a night out just with a better presentation. The paratha was nicely wrapped so nothing (save for the milk) escaped and the filling basically comprised of rather tough fried pieces of chicken, onions, parsley and plenty of rather milky gooeyness, that was the cheese. 

There's a sharp kick that comes with the addition of the onions which I personally liked, but Bilaal didn't love it and the taste of parsley rang through loud and clear. Spicy, creamy and all in all a success, we liked it. 

The famous Tasty Chocolate Eclair (Rs. 100) was just the same as it was 2 years ago. With a slightly hard, not too sweet shell, a bitter-sweet topping and a creamy filling of lightly chocolate-d insides, we loved it. It's a bit on the eggy side of things, but that can be overlooked. 

The Chocolate Fudge (Rs. 300) was a ginormous slice of chocolate cake that looked wonderful. 

And it was. Not all that sweet, with most of the sweetness coming through from the icing and not the cake itself, we enjoyed it. The cake itself was a wonderful symphony of rich and heavy. It's rather heavy, so we suggest getting one slice to share, but for Rs. 300, it's a steal. 


The staff at Cafe Tasty was wonderful. With a lovely gentleman who opens and closes the door for you when you come in and leave, we had no complaints. The staff was polite to the extent of calling me, a rather seedy-looking individual madam, and they even clean up after you immediately after you're done eating so that you're not stuck at a crumb topped table for the rest of your experience. 


We really liked our experience at Cafe Tasty. The food was, albeit a little heavy on the parsley, quite good and the service was great. It's a great place to go to when you're looking for a quick bite. 

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