Caffe Michelangelo

530 Nawala Road, Nawala

Thin crust, wood-fired pizza, with toppings like Pol Sambol. Michaelangelo is good for delivery, if you're really patient.

Cafe Michaelangelo has been around for a while, now, and is usually quite busy. They do thin crust, wood-fired pizza, with a lot of Sri Lankanized toppings on offer. From Margherita pizzas to Marinara and four cheese, they've got a good range at decent prices, plus ravioli (Rs. 1100) and tiramisu (Rs. 600). They've got a dine-in at Rajagiriya on Nawala Road, but they deliver to Colombo after 5 PM. We ordered delivery on a Poya day and tried out the Pol Sambol pizza. 

Ordering & Delivery

When you call Michelangelo's, they're able to take your order in English or Sinhala, and generally get it right. We asked for two pizzas, and were told that the Pol Sambol Pizza (9 inch, Rs. 900) would take more time to make. One and a half hours, they would need, to deliver a pizza from Rajagiriya to Dehiwela. Vut to do, we confirmed the order, they asked for address, directions and landmark. We placed our order at 6.45 PM, and they called back in 10 minutes to confirm the order. 

An hour later, we received a text message letting us know that the pizza was ready and already on its way. 

At 8.13 PM, the driver arrived and came with card machine. Transaction completed, we feasted.

The Za

The Pol Sambol was on point. With just the right balance of coconut sweetness and lime tartness, it was the sole highlight of the pizza.

We wished we had asked for onions, though, just to add more texture to the slice. It's not too spicy, so you can kick it up a notch with the chili packets that come with.

That Marinara, though. We tried the 12 inch Seafood Marinara (Rs. 1600). Super generous on the calamari and prawns, this is quite a good deal. I snuck a slice before the boys broke out the chili packet, and it was super good.

It worked really well with the chili flakes, too. Personally, I like adding oregano to everything, having grown up a Domino's fan. No oregano on any of these toppings, but it's cool.

There's no shortage of onions on this pizza.  The seafood is quite flavourful, and tasted reasonably fresh. The kitchen is all the way out in Rajagiriya, though, and only opens at night, so we wouldn't bank on it being the day's catch.


Michaelangelo's is one of the better pizzas in Rajagiriya, and their delivery game is pretty decent. The pizzas are good, though not too generous with the mozarella. We like that they've tried something different with the pol sambol, and have our fingers crossed for a seeni sambol topping. Six people went at those two pizzas, and it was plenty. 


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Pol Sambol Pizza is on point. Generous toppings, good rates. Decent delivery.

Cafe Michealangelo does an interesting take on wood fired pizzas. We wouldn't really call it authentic, more like Sri Lankanized wood fired pizzas, but it tastes pretty darn good.

While rumours of Caffe Michaelangelo's origins are spiced with all the makings of an Italian soap opera (opened by the former lover of the now defunct Regina Margherita), their pizzas, also, live up to the spicy hype.

අපි දන්න මයිකල්ආන්ජෙලෝ කලේ චිත්‍ර අඳින එක වුණාට දැන් ඉන්න මයිකල්ආන්ජෙලෝ කරන්නෙ පීසා හදන එක. බලන්නකො ඉතින් නේ, කාලය මැව් වෙනසක අරුමෙ!

ඔන්න එහෙනම් කොළඹ පැත්තෙන් දර පෝරණු පීසා කන්න පුළුවන් තැන් ලිස්ට් එක මේකත් එකතු කරගන්නකො.

ඔබ ෆ්රැන්චයිස් පිට්සා එකකට කැමති නැත්නම්, ඒ කියන්නේ ඩොමිනොස් ගේ තද කට්ට තියෙන තෙල් බේරෙන පයි එකක් හරි පිට්සා හට් එකේ තද, හැපෙන පිට්සා වලට හරි අකමැතිනම්, තවත් විකල්ප පිට්සා සේවා කිහිපයක් තියෙනවා. ෆ්රැන්චයිස් නොවන පිට්සා රජ තුන්කට්ටුව තමයි පැරණි හාර්පෝ’ස් , තරුණ රොකෝ’ස් සහ කැෆේ මයිකල්ආන්ජිලෝ.