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Caffe Vita

Food Court, Basement, Majestic City, Colombo 4

  • Open 10 AM - 7 PM

A small coffee shop in the MC food court that serves up sandwiches and cake.

Caffe Vita is a little coffee shop that's opened up in the Majestic City food court. You get the standard espresso but also macchiato and the like. Prices are pretty low but so is quality. They make a decent sandwich, though. Aisha and I dropped in on an afternoon to check it out.


I had a single shot espresso (Rs 180) and it was pretty bad. It tastes insipidly bitter, and, worse, it smells burnt. After two sachets of sugar it's a little better, but that's not saying much.

Aisha had the Caffe Macchiato (Rs 280) and it wasn't as bitter as the espresso as the cream helped distract from that. It definitely had a burnt aftertaste and needed quite a bit of sugar to be palatable. 


They've got a good deal on sandwiches, with a small brown bread smoked salmon sandwich at Rs 490. We brought back the food and shared it with the office. The sandwich was well received and it's quite generous with the salmon. It comes with a thousand island sauce, some cucumber and lettuce. The bread wasn't too dry and overall everyone liked it.

Indi tried the Carrot Cake (Rs 180) and thought it was nice but he was starving. I found it a bit dry and it could've been richer.


Caffe Vita seems like a two man operation at most times. There's a friendly guy at the counter who'll tell you that everything on the menu is great, which is generally not very helpful when you're trying to make a decision, but he means well. You can watch them prepare the food and they use gloves, so that's cool. 


While the food is alright, Caffe Vita needs to seriously up its coffee game. Maybe switching to a better roast and putting more care into brewing their coffee will do the trick. If you're at MC and you want a sandwich, this is where to go. If you'd like some coffee, you're better off at Barista.



Add lots of sugar.

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