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61, Thimbirigasyaya Road, Colombo 05

Calorie Counter with its emphasis on healthy eating was one of the best new additions to Colombo's restaurant scene in 2015. Now they've gone a step further and introduced a pretty comprehensive breakfast menu, most of it actually tastes pretty great.

Calorie Counter is a brand new health food restaurant in Thimbirigasaya.  They serve up some healthy, delicious, low calorie dishes at affordable rates.

The Food

Healthy food has become somewhat synonymous with bland, but Calorie Counter is a definite exception. They serve up low calorie dishes which look and taste as good as any restaurant quality dishes we've tried.

The menu at Calorie Counter is also one of the most impressive I've seen, with everything from smoked salmon, beef rib eye, turkey sandwiches, a variety of breads and carbs, as well as fresh fruits and veggies. As the name suggests, every dish also has the calorie count marked on it so you know exactly how many calories you're consuming. The best part is that they're actually pretty affordable. The cost for two comes to Rs. 3000, for drinks, salads and mains. The prices on the menu also include taxes and service charge so you won't be blindsided by any hidden costs.

For drinks we tried the "Flush my fat" (Rs. 340) and the pineapple colada (Rs. 240). The pineapple colada is a combination of pineapple, pears and lime juice. I honestly don't know how much sugar was actually added to this one since it tasted so good but at just 152 calories I don't even care. Even the flush my fat which is a mix of strawberries and beetroot tasted pretty good, and mind you, I am generally not a fan of vegetable based drinks.

The beetroot, feta cheese and orange salad (Rs. 650) had a good mix of both flavours and textures with the feta cheese adding the needed saltiness. The combination of beetroot and orange work well together with the acidity of the citrus cutting through the flavour of the beetroot for a nice balance. They also didn't overdo the feta since it could have easily ended up being too salty.

The strawberry, watermelon and blueberry salad (Rs. 450) was super fresh. This one is practically a sugar free fruit salad that was still subtly sweet and extremely refreshing. In both cases the portions were also pretty large, so I decided to leave a bit of this one for a palate cleanser of sorts to have after the mains.

When it comes to mains you are given the option of selecting a carb and veg of your choice. So in our case we went with the sweet potato mash and mushrooms for both the mains. Another thing that was worthy of praise was how beautifully both the mains were presented.

The first of the mains we tried was the peri peri chicken (Rs. 650), which was served with a pumpkin puree, diced ginger and a grilled pepper salad. Since it's chicken breast this one is very lean at just 400 calories. Chicken breast, while healthy, also usually tends to be quite bland, which is why we were so impressed by how flavoursome this dish was. The chicken itself was grilled perfectly with the spice rub combined with the pumpkin puree really adding to the flavour.

The beef rib eye steak (Rs. 650) was also quite excellent, although they did slightly overcook it. I asked for the steak to be cooked medium rare but it turned up slightly unevenly cooked, with some parts cooked just right and others just a bit overdone. For once though I didn't very much mind that it was a bit overcooked since the flavours were so good. It's served with a pea puree and pepper sauce. The latter of which really adds a burst of flavour and combines beautifully with the meat and sweet potato mash.

Ambience & Service

When it comes to looks, Calorie Counter has gone with a simple, clean theme. The walls are adorned with the menu and the images of the dishes which kind of gets your appetite going before you've even seen the food. And from what we got, we'd say that what they show is what you get. They've also got an open kitchen so you can see the dishes being prepared.

For most new places getting the service right takes a while but that didn't seem to be the case with these guys. Our dishes were ready in under 15 minutes during a time when they had quite few customers. The staff was friendly, energetic and the head chef was going around getting feedback from the customers, which is always a promising sign.


We aren't even a week into 2015, but it feels like we may have found a contender for our Top 10 restaurants of the year. Any place that can make healthy food look and taste as good as Calorie Counter gets kudos from us.


The food in general is great, but make sure you try out their drinks.


61, Thimbirigasyaya Road, Colombo 05


Calorie Counter is on Thimbirigasyaya, just up from Havelock Road. It's before the Fab on Siripa Rd, right opposite the Glory Swim Shop.


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