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Canara Soup Cabin

Moratuwa - Piliyandala Rd, Piliyandala

Souperb stuff.

The rain that started off as a whisper in the air, shielding us from the glaring sun with its dark clouds, had now begun to quicken its pace. The cool, welcome breeze had transformed into a howling wind, bringing in sheets of rain cascading down upon you, compelling you to briskly stroll back home, not forgetting to splash into that tiny puddle that is forming. Your inner-child rising to the surface, and close your door to the pitter-patter of the rain on the rooftop, with a triumphant smile plastered on to your face, knowing that it now has no power here *insert King Theodon meme from LOTR*. 

But that smile quickly wanes as you realize you're hungry. Craving for a warm, delectable meal, that will soothe your soul. You're craving some soup. 

And that is where the Canara Soup Cabin comes in.

Although we did not go on a rainy day, did we find the soup equally satisfying? Let's find out!

The Soups

The Canara Soup Cabin doesn't have a large range of Soups, but it encompasses most of the mainstream soup dishes. 

Upon the recommendation of the waiter, we ordered the Mushroom Soup (Rs. 350) and it did not disappoint. Containing healthy strips of chicken, vegetables and (obviously) Mushroom,  the soup was not too watery or thick either, and the Roast Paan (Rs.20) when dipped into the soup, was quite relishing. 

Ahhh, Roast Paan and Soup; a perfect combination. 

The portions of the soup we received, paired with the roast paan, would easily satisfy your craving. We would've loved it if the roast paan was a bit crispier. 

The Noodles Soup (Rs. 300) we ordered was on par with Mr. Ping's (from Kung-Fu Panda), and the slices of vegetables were not overcooked, but perfectly prepared. Chicken Noodle soup is food for the soul, and one of the best renditions of soup there is, and the soup at Canara Cabin was no different, although a little more spice would have done no harm. 

The Sweet Corn Soup (Rs. 350) had the perfect balance of being sweet, but not too sweet, and the kernels of corn, were well prepared and tasted delicious as they swam into our mouths with the soup. 

Service and Ambience

The classic screen they had, kept out the warmth of the sun, and it was quite spacious inside and could accommodate around 15 people at a time. The staff too were super friendly and accommodating, and informed us with an apologetic smile that anything other than the Chicken Soup (Rs. 170) and the Vegetable Soup (Rs. 150) will take time. 


The soup at Canara Soup Cabin was as great as it would taste on a rainy day, and the combination of the soup and the roast paan is out of this world!


Moratuwa - Piliyandala Rd, Piliyandala


Right opposite the Sri Vijayarama Bodhiya


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Less than 500

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Noodles Seafood Soup

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