Candy Jars

17, Dutugemunu Street, Pamankada, Dehiwala.

15 different flavours of candy from the UK. Just grab them at your nearest department store or supermarket.

Candy Jars has been around Sri Lanka for a while. They sell different flavours of candy, all imported from the UK. Their products range from Sour Strips (Blueberry, Apple and Strawberry flavours), Strawberry hearts, Apple & Custard hearts, Sour Bears, Sour Wriggles, Watermelon Rings, Fizzy Cola Bottles, Fizzy Blue Bottles, Mixed Gummies to Giant Gummy Bears. 

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The Candy

We tried out three different flavours - The Blueberry Sour Strips, Sour Wriggles and Strawberry Hearts. It was Rs. 420 each for 150g.

Thin strips of sour and sweet candy, the Blueberry Sour Strips were my favourite. Although it didn't really give out a blueberry flavour it was delicious; the perfect work snack (unless you care about your health). Just don't eat more than a couple because you will end up with a tummyache.

The Strawberry Hearts were just terrible. None of us liked it. It was neither hard candy nor soft candy, something in the middle. While it did taste sweet and sour, I would have much preferred it to be softer.

The Sour Wriggles were tremendously sour. You only need one bite to give your teeth the sourness you experience when biting into a lime. The gummy worms were much better for people with a sweet tooth.


The place we visited was only suitable for bulk orders because it was their storage space. You can put your order in and they charge you for how much it weighs. You're much better off just getting them delivered.


These candies are eye-catching and certainly addictive so just be careful not to overeat. You can easily find them at any one of the 15 outlets they have including Arpico (Hyde Park), Food City (Staple Street & Ward Place) and The Factory Outlet (Mount Lavinia). You can also order online for delivery within an hour or so.

P.S: One sour strip has 130 calories so just because they're not sweet don't take them to be healthy.


This location is their storage. Only visit if you wanna put in bulk orders. Otherwise visit their small stores in Fashion Bug, Arpico, Food City, Cool Planet etc or get delivery.


17, Dutugemunu Street, Pamankada, Dehiwala.


It's a small storage space behind Trims Salon. Enter the house with the board Tailor Mates. Turn right onto the small alleyway. The entrance will be on your left.


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Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

Dish Types

Sweets Candy