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Ceylan Crêperie

Yet another of the Good Market's fabulous finds, the Ceylan Crêperie is a superb nomadic little stall that started up few years ago. The French owner Noémi is effervescent and passionate about her product. Follow her on Facebook or Instagram to know where to find her next and to enjoy her yummy crêpes.

Once a regular at the Good Market, the bubbly Noémi and her delicious and authentic crêpes can still be found at events around Colombo. 

You can also contact her for catering or to satisfy a sudden craving for crêpes.

The Crêpes

The crêpes are made following the original recipe and on the traditional machine (called a billig) that Noémi brought with her when moving to Sri Lanka 5 years ago all the way from Brittany, France, the birthplace of this delicacy. 

The result are fluffy, deliciously crispy and generously buttery crêpes that you can enjoy with sugar, honey and/or lime for a classic treat or Nutella, strawberries or salted butter caramel and applesauce for a decadent alternative.

Unfortunately, the savoury version of crêpes isn't available yet as it's hard to source buckwheat flour, the base for the salty counterpart.

Price wise, it doesn't break the bank. The goodies are all sold between Rs. 250 and 350, which we think is very fair.You can also buy the delicious homemade Salted Butter Caramel from Ceylan Crêperie stall or Food for Thought (in House of Wines). It’s a killer with ice cream, on cheesecakes or simply spread on brioche or fresh bread.

The Service

The service is outstanding. The young Noémi will happily chat with you while preparing your treat in front of you and give you suggestions if you're undecided.

The whole crêpe making process is very photogenic by the way and will appeal to all Instagram users. A Boomerang or Rewind effect will do the trick to entertain your followers.

Where To Find Ceylan Crêperie?

The best is to follow Ceylan Crêperie on Facebook or Instagram to be informed of the next events they will attend. Also, feel free to contact Noémi via the same channels to order some crêpes or salted butter caramel or to enquire about corporate or individual catering (but keep in mind that she's only keen to move her heavy and bulky billig for a certain amount of people and crêpes). 


Ceylan Crêperie is the one and only crêperie in Colombo. If you haven't tried it yet, we strongly recommend to keep an eye on the Facebook or Instagram page to know where is the next event you can catch up.

We can only regret that Ceylan Crêperie isn't a permanent restaurant but keep on imploring the deities for that.


Mix the applesauce topping with the salted caramel sauce.

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